Top 5 benefits of School automation

Consider a scenario of a school with manual processes. Many students are standing in a long queue for a couple of hours, and some parents are getting frustrated because they are getting late for their work due to delays in the fee collection process. The school office is full of papers, and block files, and no one is getting desired information in desired time. Parents are creating a buzz for information or in PTA.

Consider another scenario. The school office is well-equipped with laptops, and computers and there is no or less evidence of paper usage. No queues of students or parents even during the peak admission period. Required information is shared through emails or directly on the website or app within a fraction of seconds. Parents are experiencing peace as they are aware of their ward’s progress.

If you are a parent of a child and wish to get enrolled in your champ, then which school you would prefer? Of course, your answer will be the second one. This is the charisma of automation! An institute with school automation software is always preferred by the parents when there is a choice selection. It is not only beneficial for parents but for every stakeholder of any school system – students, school staff, and school administration panel. The following aspects will illustrate how school automation is beneficial and is the need of the hour:

Reduced workload

Behind every automation decision, the main moto is to reduce the workload of the staff. As major processes like admission, fee management, and classroom management are automated in the school automation system, the staff can get freedom from monotonous tasks and so the workload is reduced significantly. Also, the efficiency achieved by the automation system in terms of resources, time, and energy is incomparable. Not only staff, but the teachers are also free from the annual work of timetable scheduling, exam paper set, report card declaration, and classroom management. Parents can experience the improved performance of the system by facilitating online fee payment, notifications about important updates, and online admissions. The school administration panel can get early insights into the business and the system can help them make rapid but efficient decisions through advanced features like reporting.

Enhanced transparency

Without an automation system, if schools want to communicate with parents, the only way is to call them or ask them to come down for a meeting. This can be annoying as parents may be busy with their respective schedules. The school automation software can solve the problem by sending regular updates about their ward’s progress, attendance, and the report card on their mobile number, or email. Or even the app can send auto-notifications to parents’ mobile. This will not disturb the parent’s routine, but at the same time, they can keep a tab on their ward’s activities. This will help to build a healthy and trustworthy relationship between teachers and parents.

Improved productivity

In a manual working style, all staff of an educational institute is overloaded with regular and monotonous work. This only decreases the efficiency of the staff. The staff can engage themselves in more productive tasks.

Advanced level of security

This is the scene of the security of information in a manual system in any school. What level of security is expected from these provisions? Not up to the mark certainly. But tight security woven around data and application can be offered by the school automation system. The system stores data in a digitalized format and sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format. If the school ERP is cloud-based, then the system is enriched with an advanced level of security. Also, the role-based access given to each user restricts the access of data from unauthorized access and exposure.

Resource Efficiency

Every system’s efficiency depends upon the efficiency of resource integrated with it. The resources can be manpower, time, cost, and other things that combinedly to build the system as a whole. The comprehensive school automation software efficiently uses each resource and helps to increase the efficiency of the entire system. In an automation system, staff experiences less workload, less time is required to accomplish even the lengthy processes, and the cost is saved in terms of no paper usage, and less labor. The combined effect of all these is a perfect solution that is resource-efficient and also helps the environment to maintain eco-balance.

Irrespective of school size, an enormous amount of data is shared and processed among the different departments. With the increased digitalization, the security and other features that are offered by school automation software are undoubtful. So, if there is a choice, go for school automation without wasting a fraction of a second!

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