Gemstones Can Ward Off Negative Energies

There are a lot of people who believe that gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, Amethyst gemstone beads, and diamonds can be utilized to ward off bad vibes from other people. In many cultures, these stones are believed to be special and carry powerful energy that will deter those with malicious intentions from approaching you. How does this work exactly?

One way is by amplifying your energy. Amethyst gemstone beads, have their energy within them because they are alive gems, they radiate energy and as such can be used to amplify the energy that is already inside your body. You may already be aware of this but when you put on a gemstone pendant or wear a gemstone ring that has a stone within it, you are creating an electrical field around yourself which will then transfer your energy throughout the circuit. In effect, you are sending out energy in the form of positive energy. Negative people will be repelled by your presence and this can offer you a better quality of life in general as you do not have to deal with them.

Another way that these gemstones can ward off bad vibes is by giving off electromagnetic frequencies.

Here is a list of a few gemstones that wards you from negative energies:

Black tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is a stone that enhances the electromagnetic field of the body. When worn it will help to protect you from negative energies as well as sadness and depression. It helps to boost your self-confidence as well.

Red tourmaline

Red tourmaline is also an excellent gemstone for protection purposes. It emits soothing energies that will help to gently expel negative energy and bad luck, in turn helping you to gain better health, harmony, and good fortune.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is a very unique stone, it has a dark base but a yellowish stripe running through it. This makes it a great tool for warding off all negative elements and energies while at the same time attracting abundance, happiness, wealth, and overall good fortune in your life.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz creates an energetic shield that will protect you against negative energies. It is also known as the “Watcher” because it helps one see the truth behind situations, situations that may not appear true at first glance due to emotions or illusions being cast on either person involved.


Amethyst gemstone beads are another stone that helps to protect your aura from negative energies and vibrations. It is said that an Amethyst will ward off bad karma and negative energies, the reason being that the stone is deeply spiritual. It is also a very powerful meditation aid as well. When worn it will help you to become more conscious, this means that you are more aware of your actions and able to make better judgments.


Sodalite will work to remove energy blockages from your chakras and meridians, also known as energy pathways within your body. This will help you to regain your true energy and all that it holds.

Clarity is easily achieved when wearing a piece of jewelry such as a crystal pendant, crystal ring, or even a piece of Amethyst gemstone beads. Though wearing the gemstone is one way of regulating your energy, it is not the only one. Changing your living space and décor can also offer you an increased sense of clarity and wellbeing. By creating an environment where you feel safe, calm, relaxed, and grounded, the negative energy will be less likely to affect your chakras or aura fields.

How Does Amethyst Gemstone Beads Work?

Amethyst is a stone that has many magical benefits, including being a very powerful healer. It can be used to improve various ailments and conditions including stress, depression, fear, insomnia, and panic attacks. Amethyst is also known as the “stone of friendship” because it helps to strengthen bonds with loved ones. It will help you to live life more happily and this will allow you to make new friends who are already on the same wavelength as yourself.

To enhance your clarity these days, you should place Amethyst gemstones beads in or around the areas of your home that you feel are most at risk of negative energy. These areas include ceilings, floors, wardrobes, corners of rooms, etc. You will then be able to cleanse those areas by sweeping them with scented candles.

You can also place smaller gemstone pieces around the house in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even your office. Doing so will help to create a more peaceful environment that is free of negative energies. Negative energies are usually a result of past events and experiences which have made their way into your home. Once they make their way into your home, they can stay there for an extended period. And infect the present with all these negative energies.

In addition to cleansing your home with Amethyst gemstone beads, the stone can also be used to promote better health.

Amethyst For Better Health

Amethyst is a very powerful healing stone. It can be used to help with various ailments including depression, stress, and insomnia. Amethyst is known as the “stone of friendship” because it strengthens bonds with loved ones. This then allows you to move forward and make new friends.

Amethyst is also known as the “stone of sobriety” because it helps cut back on any cravings that you may have. The reason is that Amethyst will help you become more aware of your actions. And this will cause you to question what you are doing positively.

Amethyst gemstone beads are a stone that will help you to live life more positively, making you happier and healthier. This means that you are less likely to get ill and do things against your own will or what you truly want in life. Instead, it helps you to make decisions that are good for your overall health but also make you feel better inside.

How Amethyst can be Added To The Jewelry

Amethyst can be added to jewelry in many ways. You can get it set into a ring mount, set into a pendant, or even set into a bracelet. The reason people buy Amethyst jewelry is that they want to be able to carry it around with them at all times and this is the perfect way of doing so.

A ring mount will allow you to keep your stone close to your finger, at all times. It can also be used for healing purposes when the time arises. Because you will have immediate access to it depending on what situation you are in.

The pendant is also a great way of wearing your Amethyst gemstone beads jewelry. This can be done with both single stone or multi-stone pieces. When worn, it will help you to remember all the good things in your life. And this is the best way to keep yourself strong in mind and body.

There are different types of Amethyst jewelry that you can choose from when purchasing one for yourself. This includes cross pendants, snap-back rings, drop earrings, gold-filled rings, dog bones, bracelets, and more.

Amethyst Jewelry Health Benefits

The jewelry is infused with powerful healing quartz crystals. They will act upon your body by enhancing your natural energy levels, increasing your vitality. It will also boost your immune system, help to keep you more active.

How Can I Identify Authentic Amethyst Beads?

There are many different types of fake Amethyst gemstone beads and most of them come from China or other countries around the world where fakes are being sold as genuine stones. Although they look and feel real, they are not. Even if the seller claims them to be authentic, it is hard to tell until you have them checked by a qualified Gemologist. The main way of telling fake stones from genuine stones is by looking at their color. Many fake stones are colored in colors that are unnatural and they usually have a tint of orange or red. Genuine Amethyst beads will have subtle colors that will blend nicely and not look unnaturally painted on the stone-like on many fakes.

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