Astrology and Self Healing

Introduction: Why is self-healing important

In this busy world where everyone is trying to find time in order to cope up with all difficulties, it is time we ask ourselves an important question: Do I feel good? In this hustle bustle, we often forget to take out time for ourselves and keep stressing ourselves until we need some rest. Getting our needs met does not specifically mean finance or physique, we need to stay healthy mentally as well.
We fail to self care and keep our heart protected by ignoring problems from the past and moving on impulsively, without actually forgetting everything. These scars from the past inflict our present, and therefore, our future. We are busy surviving capitalism and our only mode of entertainment is social media- which is toxic and fake. Social media comes with the distorted idea of ‘perfection’ which is itself a vague idea. We tend to believe in the idea of perfection and try hard to achieve that, putting more stress on ourselves. It is high time we heal from everything, from trauma, wounds, health and psychology.

Using astrology to heal ourselves

Astrology is extensively used to research on our past, present and future and to predict events from the same. Astrology has a significant impact on Gen Z and millennials, proving the modern generation still has the traditional roots.
Not everyone takes care of themselves, and even if they do, the methods are different. Some like to take a hot shower after a very stressful day, others love to take a long break for holiday. But most people do not know astrology, besides making horoscopes and reading your face can help you to heal yourself! Professionals have proved how your natal birth chart has many rooms for self healing, which, if you follow, will effectively change your mind and refresh your soul. Astrologers have a variety of ways for self care and healing-some focus on Venus, others choose Tarot as a method. Let us go through the best ways for healing one’s mind:

Tarot reading:

Use tarot to empower yourself. Choose a comfortable place, select the right deck, form an open ended question in your mind, shuffle the cards, pull out a card and read it out. You can ask questions like, “How to forget the past?” or “What is the best self care option?”. The symbolism of the card will answer all your questions. Receive wisdom and clarity on a particular situation, and by understanding better, you can put the right foot forward.
Zodiac signs: Different healing methods are embedded with different zodiac signs. For example, Aries can try meditation or gardening, Gemini can put a check on his diet, Virgo can explore dancing and sagittarius can get into sports. A right astrologer can suggest the best ways related to any zodiac, which the native can choose to heal himself.

What to expect during Venus Retrograde?

As Venus governs money, beauty, and love, retrograde Venus affects these areas fundamentally. In the case of money, we tend to spend more, causing losses or buyer’s remorse. There can be problems in business or industry or complexities regarding the property. When it comes to relationships, there are chances of breakup or misunderstandings. But in the case of long-term relationships, Venus retrograde can bring prosperity. Relationships are turned upside down as Venus affects the way we stay committed. To understand how Venus retrograde affects you, take a look at your birth chart and locate the astrological house that falls under Capricorn. You can find the specific areas of life on which Venus retrograde impacts.

This will reassess your professional image and make you dwell on new prospects in your career. 

Venus Retrograde, 2022

The zodiac signs will face a post-retrograde effect as the retrograde lasts until January. When Venus makes its final pass, we will move forward to pour past mistakes and learn new things with better clarity. Avoid making new relationships and move forward with your financial plans. Spend time with your old friends. Venus will make you feel colder, so think rationally before behaving. The impact will be severe for the signs like Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra and Taurus. You will take big steps if you come under these categories:

Aries: You will feel a greater need for independence as your relationship can make you feel stuck.


As horoscopes give an idea of the planets governing us and our affairs, it is very important. The planet Jupiter is associated with healing. The planet, when placed in a favourable position in your horoscope can give you a sound health, otherwise a bad Jupiter means mental upheaval. Jupiter can overcome malefic situations. Astrology comes with tips to make the Jupiter strong, such as:
Wear yellow coloured, or gold(preferably)jewellery.
Do fast on Thursdays.
Donate to the needy.
Care for cows and feed them.
This is how your Jupiter will be made strong, which in turn will help to heal you.
4. Healing crystals: Wearing gemstones is the most popular way to heal oneself. In many ancient cultures, it was believed some crystals have magical properties. Crystals help in the good flow of energy, which calms the mind. Some crystals used for healing are: rose quartz(for love), sapphire(for wealth) etc.


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