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Bullying at Institutes and Myths Related to It

Bullying is an intentional, incessant aggressive behavior displayed generally by people with more power than the bullied person.

Aggressors are able to hurt other individuals because of their size and social status. Face-to-face harassment is a form of violence that can be verbal

(such as calling someone names, threatening, blackmailing, or making hurtful remarks) or personal (e.g., punching, pushing around, or other forms of physical oppression).

It can also be indirect, like when people hang out with victims to humiliate or spread rumors about them.

Being bullied at school means losing self-confidence, but these hooligans should be the last thing on your mind when you enter school or university premises.

Instead, you should look forward to learning and being better for your future. We know it gets difficult to handle such bullies and keep up with our studies.

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Report from UNESCO


According to the 2017 School Violent Behavior: Global Status Report from UNESCO, 246 million children and teens are bullied or hurt at school every year.

In 2019, 31% of pupils surveyed had been harassed in the previous month, and 33% of those cases involved physical bullying (UNESCO, 2019).

Bullying is prevalent in many countries, including Ghana (Dunne et al., 2013; Shahriar et al., 2017), the United States (Nansel et al., 2001; Ponzo, 2013), Europe (Ammer Mueller, 2012; Brown & Taylor, 2008), and other Asian countries (Cao et al., 2020, p. 104848; Chan & Wong, 2015; Li et al., 2019).

Bullying can change how students feel about themselves, their friends, school, and their future. Bullied students often feel depressed, have low self-esteem that can last a lifetime, are shy, feel alone, get sick often, or threaten or try to hurt themselves.

Because of bullying, some students miss school, get lower grades, or even drop out. Verbal and social/relationship bullying can be as harmful as physical bullying.


Myths about Bullying and Harassment

Bullying has several detrimental impacts on children, adolescents, and adults. Understanding an issue and its effects is the first step towards its resolution. Numerous books, movies, and other forms of media may help initiate a positive conversation about bullying.

Sometimes people offer advice concerning bullying. They may be sincere; however, they are incorrect. Lets look at some of these statements:

Myth #1: “It’s Better to Act Submissive towards Bullies/Don’t be a Tattletale”:

FACT: Students who report being bullied are often distressed because they can no longer cope with the situation. If they could have prevented the harassment, they would have. Asking for assistance is neither a sign of weakness nor a poor choice.

Standing up against bullies is an actual heroic act, but students should keep in mind to involve parental support or professors in such matters. With a little help, bullied students can lead a good life by leaving their experiences in the past.

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Myth #2: “If Someone Bullies You, Become a Bully”:

FACT: Retaliation typically escalates bullying and raises the danger of catastrophic injury. Often, the bully is physically larger than the victim. Thus, physical conflict might result in significant injury. You may be chastised for participating in a fight if it escalates.

In the UK, all educational institutes are required by law to implement a behavior policy. It’s better to report to the authorities and get them involved instead of getting into physical altercations.

Myth #3: “Name-Calling is Not Bullying”: 

FACT: It is a myth that needs to be corrected. The wounds created by name-calling can be long-lasting. Words can hurt the most, and one harsh word can destroy self-esteem, careers, and end lives.

So, when a child or student comes to you saying that they are being bullied verbally, take strong action against it.

Myth #4: Ignoring Bullies Will Make them Stop:

FACT: Punishment is the most effective approach to dealing with students who bully others. Students who engage in bullying have difficulties and are generally unhappy with their own lives.

These students must constantly face the consequences of their actions. Regardless, what if we give them some attention and the assistance they require in altering their behaviors.

This will allow them to improve and discover more effective means of achieving their self-esteem goals.

Myth #5: “Being Bullied Makes You Tougher”

FACT: This myth stigmatises bullied students the most. There is ample research about the negative effects of bullying and how it impairs cognitive development.

So no, bullying will never make anyone tougher. The truth is it only adds to a student’s anxiety and fear.

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Sometimes students will bully other students for their names, looks, age, height and complexion. Race is also a huge reason for bullying, and most students lose confidence.

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