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In 2013, we began with a small beginning. Since our start, we’ve expanded from a single 10-foot by 20-foot area to over 10,000 square feet of warehouse and showroom space in Singapore. Hflifestyle delivers our products to clients all around the world via its largest South East Asian retail network.

We genuinely feel that by combining our expertise, high-quality services, and long-term dedication to our clients, we may establish long-term and beneficial connections as well as improve the quality of life for everyone we come into contact with.

After he was Singapore Sports School’s national track-and-field athlete and discovered his love for assisting others through fitness, Ermin was inspired to become a personal trainer. When he recognized the potential of recycled equipment, he went on to look at different career paths as a certified personal trainer and expanded his professional knowledge by looking at additional possibilities.

Global fitness brand

Ermin began by purchasing used equipment, restoring it, and reselling it to interested people. He continues to grow the business by giving industrial equipment to firms and being the only distributor of Tuffstuff USA and BH Fitness USA. After expanding on his success tale, Hflifestyle grew into a worldwide fitness brand.

We’ve also begun experimenting with equipment modification and customization in order to keep our customers happy. As a result, we may now provide a wide range of services suited to the specific needs of our clients.

Besides, we provide a comprehensive range of services, from exercise bikes Malaysia to fitness equipment Malaysia, and we want to assist you in all of your fitness requirements at home. We aspired to be the one-stop shop for all health enthusiasts where they could acquire high-quality and low-cost products without leaving their nation.

We are a business based in Malaysia that operates internet retail sites. For individuals who wish to buy fitness equipment on their own, you may find it here. They also provide consumer education about the components of each product to prevent consumers from receiving anything they don’t want.

Workout gear

You’ll find a wide range of fitness attire for all sorts of activities here. HF Lifestyle MY is a health-focused exercise equipment business with modest roots that was founded in 2013. In Singapore, we now have over 10,000 square feet of warehouse and showroom.With which it distributes our goods, Hflifestyle has a global retail network that extends to South-East Asia. It has expanded into additional countries. As a result of our unwavering dedication to create world-class products. To seek out new consumer possibilities and reinstate well-known names back to Singapore in order to please the people of Singapore.

We are certain that we will be able to establish long-term, beneficial relationships with you. Furthermore, through our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to our clients, we have the ability to improve people’s lives. The global brand dedicated to fitness equipment is our goal to reach. You might have chosen the ideal solution for people wanting to create their own home

Our lowest prices on fitness apparel and strength-training equipment are the best. You will be informed about all of our products so that you know what you’re getting. Secondhand and refurbished fitness equipment, including Technogym, Life Fitness, and other manufacturers’ machines, are available for sale.

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