Top Chic Things You Must Carry in Your Handbag

vanessa megan perfume

What you take in your handbag has mostly got to do with your personal choices and needs.You may believe one thing to be super important, while your friend our cousin may not.Nevertheless, when it is all about your good looks in particular, there are a couple of must-haves that could surely help you out of messy situations.

Makeup – The Essentials

There are two possibilities when you are an absolute make up junkie. One is that you would just know exactly what you are going to need, when and where, whether you can ditch the burgundy lipstick at home, or exactly which mascara stick you should be carrying in your pouch at which occasion!

A second possibility is that you may not have a clue what you may and may not need when you are out at a party or at a wild date with your girls, and you just need to have everything you can, chucked away in your little handbag/pouch. Thus, one might say that it’s not always the essentials that you’d carry around, but a whole lot, just in case!


Isn’t it super important to carry a good perfume in your bag at all times? There could be so many instances, when at an occasion especially, where you had so desperately rummaged your bag for that little bottle you thought you’d had had the whole time, but you actually didn’t!

Perfume is an essential item, there is no doubt about it! If you do not have one that can go in your handbag or your pouch, look for the ideal, stylish bottle from your favourite brand (look for Vanessa Megan perfume here). If you don’t find the perfect bottle that fits, change your handbag!


vanessa megan perfume
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Hair Care

Those glossy serums and shiners can come in handy any time you are out, or may even be essential at a time when you are at a wild event where you are surely going to need several retouches on yourself. Bad hair isn’t a nice thing to wear, especially as you get clicked away on a hundred selfies. Thus, always carry on of those quick-fix things that work wonders on your hair!

Tissue and Removers

These are the stuff that you may tend to forget the most, but at the same time, are the most important, too. It wouldn’t make sense when you are at an event, and you had all the items you need for a quick touch-up in the bathroom, but you forgot your wipes, tissues and your removers. In this case, you might even end up having a disaster despite having all kinds of branded makeup one could never imagine having, right there, sitting in your bag.

Pocket Mirror

This again, is one of those things you probably couldn’t survive without. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a party that you are out at, but a pocket mirror is something you’d want to keep with you at all times. It also comes in handy in all kinds of scenarios, not just one related to makeover matters!

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