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How to choose children’s skin care products in winter

Children's Skin Care Products

Children are in the period of growth and development. The sebaceous glands in the dermis of the skin are not yet mature, the surface is delicate and slender, and the antibacterial power and immunity are relatively weak. How to choose children’s skin care products is not a trivial matter, and parents need to take it seriously. I hope this experience will be helpful to you all.


  • First, when purchasing, please buy products from professional and regular manufacturers of children’s skin care products. Don’t try to save lines. In addition, if you don’t know which brand to choose, you can buy mature and old brand products, because these products have been tested by the market for a long time. , higher security.
  • Second, when purchasing, buy products with relatively simple formulas, especially do not buy products containing spices, alcohol and colorants, so as to minimize the risk of products irritating the baby’s skin.
  • Third, when purchasing, try to buy products in small packages. Due to the small amount of each time, it often takes a long time for a product to be used up. Therefore, try to buy products with a long shelf life and a package that is not too large to prevent waste.
  • Fourth, do not use adult skin care products, because adult skin care products will add some functional ingredients, such as whitening, anti-aging and other ingredients, which will greatly stimulate children’s delicate skin and may cause damage to children’s skin. Harm.
  • The fifth is to choose children who feel good. When there is nothing, don’t change them casually, don’t listen to this good, just change this one, and that one is good, then change that.


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How do children eat in winter

In winter, the temperature is very low, so it is easy to cause diseases. Children’s resistance is not very strong, and they are more susceptible to the influence of climate in winter, which leads to various discomforts. At this time, we should give children more care. In addition to dressing warmly, we also need to pay more attention to diet.


First, have a regular diet

Children’s spleen and stomach are relatively tender. In winter, you should eat regularly, and eat three meals a day at regular times. Eat less junk food, and should be light.

Eat more vitamin-rich foods

Children who are prone to respiratory tract infections in winter should be supplemented with vitamins to enhance their immunity. Foods rich in vitamins and seasonal vegetables in winter include Chinese cabbage, radish, spinach, lettuce and so on. You can also check at all beauty discount code NHS

Eat more moisturizing food

In winter, the climate is relatively dry, so eat more moisturizing food. Radish, wax gourd, bitter gourd, fungus, etc. can moisten dryness.

dietary fiber to supplement

Dietary fiber foods, such as corn, potatoes, sorghum, beans, etc. These can regulate food absorption and excretion, can be laxative, and can excrete toxins from the body in time.

Bacteria and algae food should not be ignored

Mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and Flammulina velutipes, as well as algae such as kelp and seaweed, all contain trace elements necessary for the human body. Can increase resistance.


In winter, the climate is dry, and the heating is often turned on in the room. Children are prone to dry mouth and nose, and are prone to water shortages. Parents should add more water to the baby.

What is the best food for children in winter?

The number one task in winter is naturally to keep warm. But you have to remember that keeping warm can’t rely on “superficial work” alone. Of course, it is important to put thick clothes on the baby and prepare a warm bed, but the body’s cold resistance also depends on the hormones in the body. You can also visit at cult beauty discount code NHS



Corn has a lot of protein and fat, and also contains a variety of vitamins and sugars. These nutrients of corn are essential for children’s bodies, so corn is a food that can provide children with a variety of nutrients.
Effect of corn: sweet, salty and cool in winter. It can benefit the spleen and stomach, nourish kidney qi, remove irritability, and facilitate urination.
Eating time: The best time to eat corn, breakfast is recommended.

super benevolent

Super Kernel Bar is made of a variety of nuts, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, very beneficial to the human body, rich in nutrients, high in protein, oil, minerals and vitamins, and is excellent for children’s growth and development, physical enhancement, and disease prevention. effect.


Polenta, that is, porridge made from corn or corn flour as the main material.

Corn is a common grain, containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, and high content of linoleic acid, regular consumption has many benefits to the human body.

Polenta is sweet and easy to digest, making it ideal for breakfast and dinner for children.


Carrots contain a variety of trace elements that can induce the human body to produce interferon itself, thereby improving the immunity of children’s bodies. At the same time, the dietary fiber it contains can promote gastrointestinal motility and help the discharge of waste from the body. This greatly reduces the chance of people getting sick. Check out Baby Products


Chinese cabbage is also called green cabbage, chicken feather cabbage, and oily cabbage. According to the determination, cabbage is the vegetable with the most minerals and vitamins. The calcium contained in cabbage is 2 times that of Chinese cabbage, the vitamin C content is about 3 times that of Chinese cabbage, the carotene content is 74 times that of Chinese cabbage, and the sugar and carbohydrates contained in it are slightly lower than those of Chinese cabbage. .

It has the functions of clearing away heat and resolving troubles, diuresis and detoxification. The minerals calcium and phosphorus contained in cabbage can promote the development of bones, accelerate the metabolism of the human body and enhance the hematopoietic function of the body.

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