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Download photos from Instagram effectively and easily!

Download photos Instagram

Saving images on Instagram to your own devices can meet many difficulties in many different situations. You most likely no longer have the photograph on your phone, and you can only find it in your IG profile. You might also wish to preserve the pictures in which you were. Or perhaps you’ve chosen to cancel your account and look for the best method to retain your beloved memories. Finally, you want to save others’ photos to your own devices, and you do not want a low-quality screenshot. That’s just one of the difficulties that you might encounter when you want to download photos from Instagram. 

To overcome those problems, here are some recommendations that we have found to solve your problems when downloading images from Instagram by some photos downloaders.

Method 1. Bookmarking the photos you want 

It is highly recommended to use this method because it is seen as the easiest and the least complex and it is also the only legal way to save others’ material without their allowance. This strategy is also preferred by the majority of users due to its convenience, and if you haven’t begun to use this method, now it’s time!

Here are the steps to bookmark images on Instagram:

  1. Click the bookmark button to the right of the picture you want to save. That’s how you’ll store it in your Saved pictures folder. You may also store movies and IGTVs in this way.

How to download IG photo

How to download IG photos step 2

2. For tidying file organizing, press the bookmark symbol and select a directory. By defaulting, when you hit the bookmark symbol, the post from IG will be saved to your collection. You may, however, establish a distinct folder and amass a good collection of stored photographs. Choose Save to the collection, and you’re done. Very quick, isn’t it?

save photos from IG

SnapInsta - save IG photos

  • To view the stored photographs, get into Saved and go through and modify together all items you’ve ever saved.

Method 2. Downloading IG’s Data 

The second choice for users is using Download Data of Instagram. Although this is not a simple way to store photographs on your devices and might be a little complex, it is still a good suggestion for you to save IG’s images. 

SnapInsta - download Instagram photos


  1. Log in to your account, then open Settings, then Security.

Download IG photos

Download Instagram photos with SnapInsta


2: Select Data Download and input the appropriate email address. Users will afterward obtain a backup of anything else you’ve shared and uploaded on your Instagram profile.

Download Insta photos

  1. Write down your account’s password and just wait for it.

You might have to wait up to 48 hours while Instagram prepares your files, but actually, it shall take less than minutes. There are only 2 steps while you are entering your password: Confirm the material download, then save the file to your mobiles or computer.

  1. Save the ZIP files to your computer.

You’ll find everything else you’ve posted or shared inside the folder. There is already the whole of your conversations, Newsfeed, followers list,… And this is one of the means to store complete IG life.

  1. Go through your photographs and download what you want.

All of the items which you require may be found under the content files. Open files on Google Chrome or others web you want and download the photos.

Method 3: Using Specific Applications

If you find that using those methods above is sophisticated because you need to follow many instructions or too much information to remember, we highly suggest that using special tools and apps can be much easier for you just by some simple steps.

SnapInsta is one of the easiest, fastest, and absolutely free photo downloaders for users to download photos from Instagram. You just need to paste the URL link to the search bar of this app and tap Download. The photos that you want to store will be saved to your devices.  Follow these guidelines for more details:

Note: Instagram Photo Download only works if your iPhone 6s (6s Plus) or later

Step 1: Open Instagram with your iPhone, select the Instagram photo post that you like and want to save to your device using the Instagram photo downloader. Copy the photo URL you want to download by clicking the 3 dots above the Instagram post.

Step 2: Open Instagram Photo Downloader with Safari and paste the photo URL in the toolbar.

Step 3: Click Download, select a server to start to SAVE Instagram Photo

Here is the link to Instagram Photo Downloader – Instagram Photo Download with SnapInstaDownload Instagram photo with SnapInsta

Download photos from IG

Read for more information at Snapinsta details about Instagram downloader


So from our suggestions, you might have found some ways to download Instagram photos to your devices just through some simple steps and without encountering any difficulties at all. If you found our recommendations helpful, share them with everyone else. Hope that you enjoy our post. Thank you for reading our article. 



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