Tips on Playing Pai Gow Poker

As more and more poker-based table games appear worldwide, poker-derivative games are relishing their time in the spotlight. Blackjack, craps, and roulette used to make up most of the games at a table games pit, but these days games like 3 Card Poker, High Card Flush, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em are taking over.

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Since poker-based games have become increasingly popular, many players are playing Pai Gow for the first time. The game has been a mainstay in casinos for a few decades. The issue is that many players just starting the game soon understand how much strategy is involved and how difficult it is to find the tools they need to master the game’s play mechanics.

Here at okbet online casino, we have all the information you need to play Pai Gow Poker so that you are prepared to succeed when you try the game for the first time. 

Your Bottom Hand Must Win Over Your Top

When playing OKBET Pai Gow, there is no dealer to help you understand the rules. That means you must know how to set your hand before you sit down, or else you’re in for a rough time.

If your top hand ranks higher than your bottom hand, it is foul, and you automatically lose. Always perform a final check before setting your hand to ensure that nothing is missing and that you aren’t accidentally fouling your hand. The www.okbetcasino.live will penalize you if you improperly place your hand.

Maintain Small Pairs Together

As you are dealt seven cards, obtaining numerous pairings is common when playing Pai Gow online. You frequently want to place the most significant team on the bottom and the tiniest pair on the top when you have multiple pairs.

If you have numerous little pairs, you should hold them together in your lower hand. Yes, winning both hands makes it extremely difficult, as your best hand will not be that strong.

But it would help if you struck a balance between aiming for the win and guarding yourself against defeat. Keeping your small pairs together is a terrific way to preserve your wager, and you should employ this strategy when playing Pai Gow online.

Don’t Worry About The Bonus

As you’ve probably already observed, Pai Gow has some amusing quirks. This third online Pai Gow tip is yet another example of these peculiarities since you continue to receive payment for your Fortune Bonus even if you split it and place your hand without a bonus on the bottom.

Imagine you have a flush along with aces and kings in pairs. Splitting your giant pairs provides you an excellent chance of winning both hands and the main bet, and if you didn’t have a flush, that would be the transparent approach to arrange the hand.

This situation also arises when you have three or four aces. In this situation, you will want to play one of the aces on top to increase your chances of winning both hands and receiving payment. In summary, the best Pai Gow tip I can give you regarding bonus hands is to play your hand to win and not worry about the bonus, as you will receive it regardless of how you arrange your hand.

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