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How Can I Prevent Bees From Nesting On My Garden?

Your garden might be the most precious possession for you, but it can also be your doom. Because no matter how kept and clean you keep your garden, you are going to host one pest or another.

From all the pests, bees are most likely to find your garden alluring, especially a well-maintained one. Didn’t think about them, did you?

Well, now you have to!

Occasional bee visitors might look great in your garden but when they decide to reside on your property, it becomes a danger for your family and you. So, take action before the visiting bees become your forever guests.

Here are some of the ways you can prevent bee nesting in your garden:

  • Use Repellent Plants

Even though bees are fond of plants and all thing natural and sweet-smelling, but there are some plants that bee despises. Plants like marigold, geraniums, pitcher plants, basil, etc, can deter bees from your property. Hence, by planting them on the perimeters of your home, you’ll be securing your home from them.

What if: If you don’t have space to plant these plants in your garden then you should seek professional help. All you have to do is look up “bees pest control near me” or if you live in Brisbane search “bees pest control brisbane” to find a local bee removal agency.

  • Decrease Outdoor Clutter

Hollow trees, rock crevices, and other open however shielded regions are the spots bumble bees will decide to make a hive in the wild. They’ll search for comparative spots on your property. Something as basic as leaving a separated lawnmower out can make the ideal nesting place for a hive.

  • Keep Food And Drink Covered

Uncovered, sticky drinks increment the odds of getting stung ten times. Soft drink jars, specifically, are famous for alluring these subtle trespassers. Make sure to pour drinks into a cup with a cover and use compartments to hold food. Saran wrap and aluminum foil might seem like secure choices, however, they’re not foolproof.

  • Keep Away From Extravagant Aromas

Since nectar is sweet, it’s not unexpected that honey bees are drawn to sugar and flower fragrances. This incorporates vigorously scented sunscreen, hairspray, and cologne. Continuously wear sunscreen outside; however, select one that is unscented. Hairspray and fragrances ought to have stayed away from totally as these can draw in an assortment of creepy crawlies notwithstanding honey bees.

  • Close Off Any Entry Points

Honey bees can enter a building through any opening a a fourth of an inch or bigger. One of the most amazing anticipation strategies you can take is to close any potential entryways a scout honey bee might use to enter. Metal screens or caulk are acceptable assets to close these entry points.

  • Tidy Up After Past Hives

In the event that you’ve had any previous issues with bumblebees, it’s critical to ensure you’ve had the honeycomb completely eliminated from your home. The pheromone that leads honey bees back home can likewise draw in new honey bees to the honeycomb. Contact an expert to guarantee all hints of the old hive have been eliminated.

To contact an expert, you can conduct a local search but add the name of your place. For example, search “Pest Control Bardon” if Bardon is your home city, or type “Pest Control Boondall” if you live there. But do make sure they know what they are doing and you are not just calling anyone you see on the result page.


When should I call an exterminator for bees?

Because only an expert can get rid of all the bees and can give assurance of no future bee infestation.

Will pest control get rid of bees?

Yes, pests control have experience in dealing with bees and have knowledge regarding vacating an area of bees.

How do exterminators get rid of bees?

The exterminators will either use sprays, dust or inject chemicals directly into their hives to get rid of them.

How much is a bee exterminator?

The cost of bee extermination will depend on various factors. You should contact your nearest agency to learn about their prices.

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