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14 Different Mangoes Varieties | The Best Mango Varieties in the World

Each mango variety has a different flavor and texture! If you like mangoes, have a look at the various varieties available. Mangoes are known as the “King of Fruits” for a reason! Its succulent and luscious flavor is impossible to beat! Although this fruit is native to India, it is grown in a wide range of cultivars across the world. If you are super excited to know about that from where you can buy all these Mangoes then You are highly recommended to which is providing premium quality Pakistani Mangoes in UK from the several Years.

Now, Let’s get into the dip of Juicy Mangoes!

Different Mangoes from Across the World Take a look at some of the greatest mangoes from around the world!

1. Honey (Ataulfo)

Flavor: Sweet and sour

Flesh: Smooth, firm flesh with no fibres and a little pit, with a peachy tropical scent.

From March through July, you may have honey mangoes. Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador are the most common sources. When completely mature, the fruit has a flattened oblong form with minor wrinkles and a rich golden colour.

2. Francis Mangoes

Flavor: Sweet and fruity

Flesh: Fruity, delicate, fibrous flesh with a peach-like tropical scent

From May through June, you may eat this delectable mango. Haiti and Ecuador are the two most important sources of information. When the mango ripens, the green overtones turn yellow, then golden.

3. Haden

Flavor: Sweet and sour with a somewhat bitter finish

Flesh: Medium-fibered fermented flesh with a fruity fragrance

In Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador, haden is mostly grown. The skin of these brilliant red mangoes is green-yellow in colour with little white spots and a form that ranges from oval to spherical.

4. Keitt

Flavor: Sweet and fruity

Flesh: Juicy, firm flesh with little fibre and a citrusy scent

The Keitt mango is mostly grown in Mexico, Ecuador, the United States, and Brazil. From March to April, August, and September, you may enjoy the fruit. They’re popular in Asian cuisine, where they’re used to make pickles.


5. Kent

Flavor: Sweet with sour notes

Flesh:The flesh is tender and juicy, with little fibre and a tropical fruity scent.

Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru are the most important producers of the Kent variety. This cultivar is great for making juice and drying. Between December and February, it is accessible. Yellow spots appear on the skin of the fruit as it ripens.

6. Tommy Atkins

Flavor: Tart with sweet notes

Flesh: Firm fibrous meat with a citrus scentThe Tommy Atkins mango is a Florida native. In the United States, it is the most widely planted cultivar. Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador are the main producers of this fruit. From March through July, you may enjoy this wonderful mango variety.

7. Carabao

Flavor: Sweet

Flesh: Fruit that is juicy and tender with minimal fibre

The Philippines are home to the carabao mango. Manila mango, champagne mango, and Philippine mango are all names for the same fruit. It is the Philippines’ national fruit, and the country ranks sixth in production behind India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, and Mexico.

8. Graham

Flavor: Sweet

Flesh:  Aromatic orange-colored, fiberless flesh

The Graham mango was developed in Trinidad from a Julie mango seedling. When fully mature, it has an oval shape and a rough skin.

9. Sein Ta Lone

Flavor: Sweet

Flesh: Fruity scent, juicy texture, and low fibrousness. It’s also known as a diamond solitaire mango. This selection is only available for two months, and it will be discontinued in June.

10. Alphonso Mangoes

Flavor: Sugary-sweet

Flesh: With no fibre, it has a buttery, soft feel.

The alphonso mango is without a doubt the best tasting and flavoured of the 1000 mango species found across the world. The Maharashtra state of India is the primary grower of this wonderful type. During the summer, it is available.

11. Kesar

Flavor: Sweet

Flesh: Smooth and soft with no fiber

The Kesar mango is India’s second most popular export type. It is accessible from May to July and is cultivated in the Girnar hills of Gujarat, India. The fruit may also be used to make a variety of sweets and liquids!

12. Dasheri

Flavor: Sweet and aromatic

Flesh: Peach-colored pulp with no fibres

From mid-May until late-August, this type is available. The state of Lucknow in India produces the most of this type. Dasheri is a tall, oval-shaped fruit that ripens to a yellow-green colour.

13. Chaunsa Mangoes

Flavor: Sweet and aromatic

The Chaunsa Mango was made well known by the Indian ruler Sher Shah Suri while honoring his triumph over Humayun at Chausa, Bihar. Suri at last named his beloved mango “chaunsa” to respect his triumph. The mango was otherwise called the Ghazipuriya mango because of its initial huge scope development in Ghazipur.

14. Sindhri

The Sindhri mango is a mango cultivar filled in Sindhri, a town in Sindh, and different areas of Sindh region in Pakistan. It is an enormous oval formed mango which is amazingly sweet and fragrant.
It is viewed as the Queen of Mangoes as a result of its taste.

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