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Bulk Save Outlook Message as PDF with Attachments

MSG is the single file format of MS Outlook which is simply made by the drag and drop process. There is no need for an expert to understand how to create MSG Files from MS Outlook. With this application, you can save your MSG files one by one and it takes so much storage of the system and it is a time-consuming process.

PDF format is the best file format for MSG files because it is a safe and secure format and protected by the password that is only required people can open the file who knows the correct code. PDF files are transferred easily from one device to another device. This file format is used worldwide and can be used by technical and non-technical users.

Manual Procedure for Save Outlook Message as PDF

There are some steps of the Manual procedure for saving Outlook MSG as PDF

  • Install the MS Outlook in your system
  • Then, select the MSG files which you want to convert
  • Next, click on the File menu of MS Outlook
  • Then, click on the Save As button
  • Next, save your file in HTML format at your wanted place and open it MS Word
  • Again click on the File menu from MS Word
  • Select, Save as option again and choose PDF
  • Then, press the save button
  • Now you can see the converted file.

Like I said this manual procedure is not good for bulk mode and with this, you can convert your MSG files one by one. If you want to convert MSG files with this procedure you may lose your data. If you want to convert your MSG files in bulk mode, so you can use MSG to PDF Converter tool.

Save your MSG Files as PDF with MSG to PDF Converter tool

For the safe and secure conversion of MSG files, you can use MSG to PDF Converter software because it easily converts your files with safety. With this software, you can save your batch MSG data within a single procedure without any loss error. PDF file format is good for everyone because PDF file format can be viewed on all devices and you can transfer PDF files from one device to another device without any problem. This software also can transfer attachments of files with all data of selected files, which means there is no need to follow different methods to convert attachments.

Working Procedure of Software

To convert MSG file into PDF so you can follow the working steps:

  1. Download MSG to PDF Converter and open it on the system
  2. Then, click on the Select Folder or Select MSG Files and click Next
  3. Software extracts all the files and displays them on the system in a systematic way, then you can select or deselect your MSG files.
  4. Then click on the Select Saving Option and select PDF format
  5. Next, you can set sub-options to save MSG files with attachments directly in PDF.
  6. Then, click on the Convert button, and your conversion finish with the Message that the Process Completed Successfully


With this article, now we understand that MSG Converter tool is the best software for converting MSG files in a bulk mode with complete accuracy. It does not take so much time that other software takes. So I suggest users download the free demo version of the software and convert their files to check the process of this software. This edition of the software converts the first 25 MSG files without any cost.

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