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7 Ideas to Make Vape Boxes Look incredibly good

Custom Vape Boxes

Vaping trends have been rising and rising. As a cigarette is bad for health but a massive population is getting towards vaping. If you are a vape manufacturer then get the awe-inspiring custom vape boxes to represent your brand.

Where to get the boxes? There are numerous packaging companies out there who are trying their hard to provide you with the best boxes. If you want to know about incredible ideas for enhancing your vape boxes then read the blog.

Focus on the imprints

The imprints are fabulous to alter the boxes. You can stylize the vape box through the outlook benefits. For instance, get the kraft box packaging and add the vape shape in the die-cut feature so, people can see the vape within the box without opening the box.

Simplicity is Magic

As you know that apple creates up a masterful packaging that is quite simple but looks good to the eyes. So, simply add up the four major details:

  • The name of the vape product
  • Logo of the vape mod brand
  • A nice picture of the vape
  • All the details about the vape product such as ingredients, usage and warning.

The simple boxes look good to the eyes and are really are eye-catching.

Let’s tell the story of your brand

The creative box packaging is absolutely perfect and looks appealing to the eyes. Therefore, sketch a story and convey it to your users. What story it can be? You can tell the customers the entire story of your brand from different perspective. Go for adding the illustrative designs on the box to attract the massive crowd.

You can utilize the stickers off the vape ingredients for pasting on the boxes. By just watching the stickers the audience can see what you are offering within the vape box packaging.

Alter the square shape

You can use other shapes as well other than the square shape because the square shape is not always that much attractive. So, variations are necessary while selecting the box packaging outer style.

You can style the outer look of the box in an entire vape mod shape. So, people can get to know the product without opening the box.

You can also add textures the vape shape box according to the vape texture and this texture material will complete the brand’s illusion and reinforce the brand identity in a unique way.

Utilize Bright Colors.

Go for using the bright colors to make the difference. Most of the vaping are done by the youth and young people love to see the funky colors. With the addition of bright colors on the packaging, your product will rock on the market shelves. But don’t forget to tag the product.

With the addition of the bright colors, do specify the usage and warning details on the custom vape cartridge boxes.

Create an Icon

Creating an icon of your brand is essential. If you have seen the Cola brand, for years it has an icon. Even if it doesn’t have a label, people know what they are buying. So, design your boxes uniquely as well.

Hence, by taking awareness from the existing best packaging practices you can create your own boxes which can get truly famous within the market.

Stylize the Boxes

You have seen in the market that it is the outer vape packaging that creates the difference. So, stylize your boxes elegantly that they can attract onlookers in one go. There are various packaging companies that are trying their best to provide you with elegant designs. Some of the styles which you can get from the market are discussed below:

Sleeve style

The sleeve-style boxes look wonderful to their eyes. The customer doesn’t have to work really hard in opening this kind of box. This style opens elegantly like a drawer and the vape can be taken out and utilized. Thus, get this style box to create the difference and enhance the uniqueness.

Moreover, you can add the die-cut feature to this box style. It can be a PVC die-cut feature. With the assistance of this window feature, the customers can see through the vape product without opening it fully.

Display Box Style

If you want your vapes to get noticed on the shelves then avail of the display packaging is the best idea. Go for embellishing this box style according to your choice and stylize the box by adding all that attractive displaying features. Make the punch inserts flexible within the box that customers can easily take out the vape mod of their choice from the display box.

Other than the counter display boxes you can also create the stair display box to show your entire collection of vapes and e-liquids.

Thus, to create the difference on the shelves you have to take an extra step.


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