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Wine Glass Guide to Serve the Sophisticated Lethbridge Liquor

Are you going to organize a high-end corporate dinner party at your home? If so, you might be feeling the pressure to organize this dinner night. The most important components of this dinner night are food and Lethbridge liquor.

Lethbridge Liquor

Now, you can certainly get tasty food cooked by yourself or by someone else (Psst… Online food delivery). But what about the type of liquor you want to serve on this dinner night?You might think of serving your regular beer on this dinner night.However, we would suggest you not do that!

Instead, you might want to serve good quality and different types of wine. Although there is nothing wrong serving Lethbridge beer on dinner nights, they are meant for casual drinks with friends and family. However, a corporate dinner like this calls for something posh and sophisticated.

And wine is the perfect liquor to serve at such a dinner party. However, you need to know a few things before you serve wine at your dinner party. The most important thing is knowing about the different wine glasses that you need to serve the different wine.

However, let’s first get to the wine glass a little more closely.

Wine Glasses: Why do you need proper glasses to serve this Lethbridge liquor?

If you didn’t know this already, wine is all about savoring its aroma. The taste of the wine depends on the aroma. Using wine glasses is elemental to experiencing this aroma and thus savor the complex flavor of the drink.

Hence, to get the finest wine drinking experience, you need to use the right kind of wine glasses.

Wine Glasses: Anatomy of the Glass

A typical wine glass will have four parts which are as follows:

  • Foot

The flat base of your wine glass that helps you stabilize the glass is the foot of the glass. A medium-sized foot will help you balance the glass properly on the dining table. A small foot will imbalance the glass whereas a large foot will come under the tableware.

  • Stem

This is the long, thin neck section that connects the foot and the glass. This is also the place where you hold the glass while drinking the wine. It will help you prevent heating the wine and smudging the glass surface while holding it.

  • Bowl

This is the part of the glass that will hold your wine. It is also the widest part of the glass that will hold the aroma of the wine. The Bowl of the wine glass is the place where you will see the most variations.

So, for aged, intense red wines, you need a wine glass with a wider bowl.Whereas for white wine a shorter bowl will be good.

  • Rim

A thin rim is better than a thick rim as it will let the wine flow smoothly thus enhancing the taste.

Wine Glasses: Different Types to Serve this Lethbridge Liquor

  • Red Wine: For red wines, you can choose from Bordeaux, standard, and Burgundy glasses.
  • White Wine: Use U-shaped, tulip wine glasses for white wine.
  • Sparkling Wine: Use champagne flute glasses or coupe glasses for serving this wine.
  • Dessert Wine: They have smaller glasses to keep the portion small as they have higher alcohol content.

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