How Much Does An Ubereats Clone App Cost To Develop?

Uber is a source of inspiration for a number of budding entrepreneurs who want to create their own on-demand food delivery software similar to UberEats. However, before you choose your budget-friendly UberEats-like app, you’ll need to consider many factors.

As an entrepreneur, it’s critical to figure out how much your UberEats clone app will cost. Many things influence the quality of the app you want to build for your online meal delivery service. However, before you add all of the required features to your app, you need to think about your budget.

This post will answer all of your questions and help you make the right selections for your company’s UberEats clone app development.

Know First What Exactly UberEats Clone App Is?

An UberEats clone software development is a business strategy that enables entrepreneurs to launch their own online food delivery service, similar to Uber. It also enables you to turn an existing meal delivery service into an online on-demand platform.

You can reach new clients when you switch your traditional food delivery service to an app-based internet platform. An Uber clone app can help your traditional food delivery company expand its operations and reach out to more potential clients. Are you prepared to build an app similar to UberEats?

The most important considerations for developing an UberEats clone app

  • Platform Selection
  • Basic Characteristics and Functions
  • Elements of UI/UX Design
  • Demographics of the Audience
  • Quality Assurance and Product Management
  • Security Updates on a Regular Basis
  • UberEats Clone App features that set your company apart

The functionalities vary depending on the sort of app developed for the online meal delivery app business. We’ll make certain to include all of the most important features that should be addressed.

Features of the Admin Dashboard

Database Management:
Using the mobile-based app, manage all of the data of the restaurants, clients, delivery partners, and every other piece of information.

Customer Management: From the admin panel, you can view all of your customers’ information, including their orders, the time and date of their orders, and the total amount of orders.

Restaurant Management: Admin will be able to add new restaurants and remove old ones with ease.

Management of Offers and Promos: Creating and deploying new offers and promos, as well as including discounts from the restaurant’s perspective.

Manage customer payments, distribute them to restaurants, and pay delivery guys and commissions established for them with revenue management.

Customer Feedback Management: Keep track of all customer feedback and responses from restaurants and delivery partners.

Clients, delivery partners, and restaurants receive texts, emails, and app notifications via push notifications.

Features of the Restaurant App

Create a profile and start building relationships with customers with the help of a feature-rich app.

Order Notifications: Order notifications are necessary so that the restaurant can begin preparing an order as soon as possible after a customer places one. Keep track of orders that are received, dispatched, and delivered with order management.

Payments Management: Keep track of payments made via various payment methods.

Customer Details: This feature will display a customer’s contact information and location information.

Order tracking: Keep track of all orders that have been received, dispatched, and are still being processed.

Restaurant Deals Management: From the restaurant’s perspective, provide special offers and promotions to customers.

Features of the Driver App

Profile Creation: The driver can build a profile that includes personal information, documentation, contact information, and payment methods.

Drive will receive the order details, including customer information, destination location, and customer contact information.

Order History: The driver will be able to keep track of how many deliveries and what kinds of orders he has made previously.

Several Delivery Management: Save time and effort by managing multiple deliveries at a single location.

Any order adjustment or policy modifications must be communicated to the driver via push notification.

Apps like UberEats have a business model

UberEats is a long-term investment in which you may make a lot of money every day as the demand for on-demand food delivery apps grows. The following are some of the benefits of this app:

Delivery Fee for Customers

UberEats has a pricing strategy that includes base costs + surcharges. The busy hours of lunch and evening are when most eateries reduce their delivery services.

Restaurants’ Revenue Sharing

UberEats now earns a sizable recurring revenue share for the orders it processes. These percentages can range from 15% to 40%, depending on the market’s progress.

Restaurant partners’ advertising revenue

When a consumer looks at the restaurants displayed as the top searches, UbereEats charges a fee to their restaurant partners. With the growing popularity of online meals, it’s critical to raise the app’s visibility.


This blog gives a clear picture of how much it costs to develop an app like UberEats. The cost of developing a food delivery app ranges from $5000 to $20,000. It is entirely dependent on the business owner’s functioning, features, and requirements. Of course, the price listed above is a general estimate that fluctuates depending on the specifications. We always recommend hiring a Food delivery app development company to get started.

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