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Why Dental Check Up is important?

You may have heard it many times: “You must visit your dentist twice per year for a checkup.” A regular dental checkup is essential for a healthy mouth and healthy gums. Two steps are required for a dental checkup: an assessment of your oral hygiene, and dental cleaning (also known as scaling and polishing).

People don’t usually think much about their oral health unless they have a problem. It is better to have your teeth cleaned every six months even if you don’t have any problems.

This helps to identify minor problems that might not be easily detected. Regular dental checks are important to make sure that you have good oral health and prevent any future problems. Dental check-ups have many other benefits.

Regular dental visits are better for your overall health, as well as reducing the risk of developing gum disease and cavities. Many people wonder “Why is a dentist checkup so important?” Here’s the answer!

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Why is a dental checkup important?


The benefits of dental checkup are multifold.

  • Regular checkups allow your dentist to assess your oral health, gum condition, and early signs of cavities.
  • This helps your dentist to treat these conditions as soon as possible, before they become more severe or painful.
  • During the dental checkup visits, the dentist monitors the teeth of children and teenagers to spot any unusual eruptions or malocclusions. These can be treated quickly with braces or other orthotic options.
  • Did you know that there are many health issues that need to be diagnosed at the dental checkup or that are likely to wait to be identified?
  • Diabetes can be diagnosed in many cases by early signs of diabetes that show up in the oral cavity. These symptoms are often present before any systemic changes.
  • An annual dental checkup is a great way to identify dental problems in loved ones, especially if they are elderly or have special needs.

City Dental Center insists that patients visit them twice per year for routine dental checkup appointments. What happens during a routine dental checkup? Let’s find out!


City Dental Center: What is a dental checkup?

8 Signs that you should have a checkup for your teeth before we get to the details of a checkup.8

  • Your last visit to a dentist was 6 months ago
  • On the tongue-side your lower teeth, you feel tartar or calculus growth
  • A slight reddening is noticeable in your gums
  • Toothache
  • Persistent canker sores
  • Sensitivity to a tooth, or teeth to hot and cold stimuli
  • Spots on your teeth that are white or light brown
  • Chronic headaches

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to visit City Dental Center for your routine checkup. During your appointment for a dental checkup, our dentist will perform these steps:

  • An extensive medical and dental history will be taken.
  • Use a dental mirror to evaluate your mouth, gums, and other tissues.
  • Any signs of bleeding in the gums will be evaluated
  • Cavities detection
  • Scouting for missing teeth
  • You can check for bites
    Signs of food lodgment between the teeth
  • For their health and function, existing fillings, crowns and bridges are evaluated.
  • If your dentist suspects that you have very deep cavities, X-rays might be ordered.
  • Any abnormalities in the tongue, palate or other tissues are examined.
  • The procedure of dental cleaning is done

How can I prepare for a dental appointment?

You now know what happens at City Dental Center during a checkup. Many people may wonder “How can I prepare for a dentist appointment?”

Here are some things you should do before you go to your dentist for a checkup or other appointment:

  • Feel confident –
    Most people find dental appointments intimidating. This is why many people delay or miss routine checkups. Be confident when you make the decision to have your regular checkups. Don’t worry if you have a dental problem. Our dentists can help.
  • It might take some time, so plan it accordingly.
    Dental checkups can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. However, they may take longer sometimes. This is usually the case if it’s your first visit to the dentist or if you haven’t had a cleaning or checkup in a while.
    Plan the rest of your day according to your schedule.
  • All documents needed –
    Our City Dental Center will conduct a thorough examination of your medical history, past and present dental conditions, and any medications you are currently taking.
    For every appointment, including a checkup, make sure to bring all necessary documents and reports.
  • Brush your teeth, floss, and clean your mouth as soon as possible before your appointment.


While you may be visiting your dentist to get a checkup and cleaning, that does not mean you should have a dirty mouth.
Make sure to floss and brush your teeth every time you visit the dentist. Patients with good dental hygiene are more likely to be referred by dentists.

  • Please list any questions or concerns you might have.
    Most people have questions and queries that they want to ask their dentists when they visit their dentist. You can make a list so your dentist can answer them all in one go.

What is dental cleaning?


The dental checkup, as we saw earlier, comprises of two steps. After the evaluation step is completed, the dentist will perform a dental cleaning.

Scaling and polishing your teeth involves removing plaque, tartar, and calculus using an ultrasonic device called a scaler. Your dentist will then polish your teeth with a gritty toothpaste after the teeth have been cleaned.

What should you do between dental checkups?

There are some things you can do to ensure your dental health after your checkup and the next. These are:

  • Fluoride-containing toothpaste and brushing your teeth twice daily
  • Floss frequently
  • Your dentist may recommend that you use a mouthwash to reduce bacteria levels.
  • Do not use your teeth to open bottles caps or tear wrappers.

It is clear that a dental checkup is vital for our overall health and oral health. We are often asked ” What is the reason City Dental Center doesn’t charge for dental checks?

City Dental Center‘s dental checkup is two-step. There is an evaluation and then there is teeth cleaning. Our dentists must complete an evaluation before they can polish and clean your teeth.

We charge for this cleaning and polishing procedure.

When was the last time you had a dental checkup? Perhaps it’s time to make an appointment at City Dental Center today for your bi-annual routine dental checkup.

Why City Dental Center?

– It is easy to detect tartar and calculus on teeth.
Find out the exact cause of your tooth pain.
– Understanding other oral health issues like canker sores.
Easily identify the brown spots within complex teeth areas.

If you are looking for a free dental check-up near you. City Dental Center is the best choice for you. To detect any issues, they perform a comprehensive check-up on your dental health.

City Dental Center provides free dental checkups near you. This will help you identify the various dental problems quickly. Visit our branch nearest you to schedule your appointment for a dental exam.

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