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You Need to Know These Things Before Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Perth is Australia’s fourth most populous city, with over two million people. It is Western Australia’s capital city and also its largest city.

As many live in Perth, it is only fitting that you should always look your best. So whether you’re looking for love or work, it would be best to always have a perfect smile.

Teeth whitening in Perth is one way of achieving a perfect smile. However, before you get the procedure done, you should know some information about it first.

Scroll down to know more about getting your teeth whitened professionally.

How Are Teeth Whitened?

Teeth whiteners contain two products for teeth whitening: hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These ingredients are different from a whitening toothpaste that uses an abrasive component that can remove surface-level stains.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products like strips use some peroxide. The difference between these and professional methods is the concentration of chemicals.

Professionals use a higher concentration of chemicals for a more efficient whitening. Dentists use a rubber dam device to protect the patient’s gums as the chemicals can potentially cause burns.

Different Types of Teeth Whitening

As there are many over-the-counter whitening products, there are also many ways professionals whiten your teeth. Professional whitening is a quicker and more efficient process to whiten your teeth.

Although Australian OTC products are cheaper and more convenient, they do not afford the same results as professional whitening methods.

  • In-Office Whitening. In-Office whitening involves completing the process with several short appointments. However, the frequency of your appointments will depend on the whitening intensity you need.

With this method, the dentist leaves an agent on your teeth at 15-minute to 30-minute intervals. So the whole appointment should last no longer than an hour and a half.

There are two types of in-office whitening treatments:

  • Applying hydrogen peroxide gel using a syringe
  • An LED, UV, or halogen light activates hydrogen peroxide on your teeth.
  • Take-Home Trays. Patients need to be diligent when using take-home trays. Instead of doing the whole procedure in the clinic, your dentist in Perth will instruct you how to wear the trays at home.

Each tray is custom-fit for each patient to get more efficient results than OTC trays. In addition, you will get a carbamide peroxide-based gel to apply to the tray before wearing it. Although it doesn’t whiten as quickly, there is less chance of experiencing sensitivity if you get it in your mouth.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Treatment Plan

Each of the teeth whitening methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

Affordability. Custom trays are the more affordable option. The trays are more expensive than over-the-counter products but are more effective in whitening teeth.

Time. An in-office treatment can take up more time as you have to visit the dentist multiple times. Each appointment may last for an hour to an hour and a half.

Take-home trays need more diligence as you have to wear them regularly to work. However, you can wear them at home while doing minor chores or work for several hours a day.

Longevity. There is no specific response to which treatment will have a more prolonged effect on your teeth. How long the whitening lasts depends on your oral care routine.

Avoid coloured foods and food that may stain your teeth when getting whitening treatments. Even though there are many food options in Perth, you have to be conscious about what you eat for the teeth whitening treatment to last.

If you plan to get teeth whitening in Perth, it will help if you know some things. You also have multiple treatment options, so consult your dentist about them.


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