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Why choosing round rugs for your living room ?

Round rugs are a classic style for living rooms

Round rugs are less common, but they definitely have their place in the market. Sometimes a round rug is the perfect option for a hard to decorate space. The curved line of a round rug accentuates the curved lines of other pieces of furniture, like a round ottoman. Interior decorators use them in small spaces to draw the eye outward. I really liked your decor and your rugs. Thank you for showing us your decor.

Round rugs are great, as long as they’re placed in the right way, especialy the authentic rugs found at Houseofmoroccanrugs.com . Although their use is traditional, nowadays it’s possible to raise their profile and achieve a touch of originality in your home. So, if your purpose is to optimize your room space or divide areas of your home, you should use this type of rug.

A round rug is a great option for many reasons. The round rugs are circular and can accent curved furniture, give a room more warmth and movement, and take up less space than square or rectangular rugs. Additionally, round rugs can create a more intimate setting, as they tend to take up less space than square or rectangular rugs. You can also use a round rug to layer over other rugs.

Round rugs are easier to clean

If you have pets that shed, then an oval or circular-shaped area will be easier to clean up hairballs and keep them from shedding over time. You can also opt for a square-shaped rug with an area of the floor left uncovered. This will allow you to sweep hairballs into the open space and also provide more surface area in which your pet can play, as opposed to having them confined on a smaller oval or circular-shaped rug that would not offer much room for movement. Also, if you have kids and are looking for a rug that won’t show footprints, then consider an oval rug or round rug.

6. A standard rectangle shape doesn’t work. Rugs typically come in standard sizes such as 5 by 8 feet or 8 by 10 feet. Sometimes, because of the size and placement of your furniture, structural impediments like columns or even the space needed for door clearance, a standard rug size just doesn’t work. This is where a round rug might save the day. Compared with a rectilinear rug, its curved shape might take up less space and allow several of these room challenges to go unnoticed.

Your area rug’s shape affects the overall aesthetics of the room! Yes! You heard that right. A round rug can make your area look more spacious, whereas a runner rug will make it look more expanded. Below are the general rug shapes with their best use and characteristics.

Round rugs are warmer than other types of rugs

Rugs aren’t just decor elements, they also have a practical use. A good quality floor works as a barrier between your feet and cold hardwood or tile flooring. This keeps your feet protected from the freezing cold floor, but it also works the other direction as well, keeping the cold isolated, rather than letting it impact your entire home.

The size of your rug makes a big difference, which is why we’ll cover this as a separate section, but also where you place your rugs also can make a markedly different feeling in your home. Placing rugs in the high traffic areas of your home will have a positive effect on how you perceive the cold through your feet.

Laying neutral carpets and using large area rugs can help with added insulation to your flooring and prevent heat loss. This layer acts as a barrier between your feet and the cold floor, but can also give you a cosy atmosphere, inviting in the warmth and providing some elegance to your home. To get the best results look for rugs with a thick pile, put simply the greater the layer between your feet and the floor the better protected you are.

Final advice :

Traditionally we see rectangle rugs used in the living room, but a round floor rug placed in an open plan living room is a lovely way to create a sense of intimacy while adding texture and acting as a focal point. Place your coffee table towards the centre of the rug with your sofa and occasional chairs slightly overlapping the rug.

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