Best Small Business VoIP Apps in 2021

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The most leading VoIP platforms offer desktop and mobile apps. Most businessmen use the VoiP app. They choose the services user-friendly, robust. These apps work with android and ios devices. The best apps are available in the market. It can be evaluated on the basis of price, features and facilitate the user. 

We picked six, the overall performance is absolutely fine. Here you find the list of good ones. 

Ring Central

It works excellent for robust business. It is reliable for all-purpose. The plan starts from $19.99 per user. 


Nextiva works best for the small teams. It is a user-friendly mobile app. The prices start from $21.95 per user per month.


It works ideal for organisations, who need mobile collaboration features like file sharing and chats. The package plan starts from $17.99 per line for a month. 

Google Voice

It works excellently for companies, who love to use google workspace google apps. The plan starts from $10 per user per month. 


It works great for small businesses. It is easy to use and available at affordable prices.

How can we evaluate small Business VoIP apps?

Most VoIP number mobile phone services may include mobile apps. Sometimes the user interfaces difficult to operate the apps. It makes them impractical. Mobile phones are limited to some features. Some businessmen will have to pay extra to access mobile phone devices.

The mobile apps are easy to use and operate. The VoIP service providers offer advanced telephony features. VoIP in the USA is also affordable in prices for small businesses

Ring Central is a mobile app along with has a rich-featured platform. It provides the functionality of unified communication. The app is easy to operate for the employees and end-users. It makes it top use for small business users apps.

We select the Best VoIP apps.


RingCentral works excellent for the overall business. They provides the best call management features across desktop and mobile apps. It is packed with all in one functionality. If you want to run your business remotely. The company also offer video conference. It is one of the most affordable communication services platforms. 


  • It has excellent communication features (team messaging, video conference available on the phone.
  • You can automatically attend the call and easily integrate it on the mobile app. 
  • You can attend calls on the apple watch. 


  • The user interface is not attractive. The unlimited international calls are not included in the package. 
  • The advanced features are available for small businesses.

RingCentral Features:

You can take control of the call, while you are on the go call management functionality in a desktop version. 

Integration of Apple watch:

You can simply connect the iOS mobile app to the apple watch to make calls, get meeting reminders, send texts by using the Apple watch screen. 

Video Conferencing:

You can add 200 participants to the video calling. It gives a suite of communication solutions without the involvement of a third party. 


Nextiva is a VoIP app. It works excellent for small businesses. It is user friendly and easy to use. 


  • It is easy to use the mobile phone app 
  • It shares a top-notch mobile phone screen.
  • Come with team message functionality. 

Budget-friendly plans:

  • The paid plan starts with $10 per user up to $30. It is hard to find the most affordable solution to the problem.

Google voice low-cost plans. The Google integration is easy and affordable to scale 


  • Integrate less extensive the third party.
  • Not able to robust call management features


It is the best business VoIP app for international calls. 8×8 is a small business VoIP platform. You can make calls in around 50 countries. You will have to upgrade the version X2 or X4 and robust the international calling. It is loaded with the features of voice chat, video calling and perform message functionality in a direct way. All features are built in a single application. It provides great benefits for the companies. It is an affordable international communication tool. 

8×8 Features:

Enjoy international callings:

You can enjoy international affordable calling prices. You can make calls to 50 countries. 

Video calling:

The 100 participants can come with X2 and X4 plans. It also operates video conference functionality. 

Call Management: 

It ensures top-notch customers callings using the advanced features monitor, barge and whisper.


  • The app can be purchased at a low price.
  • You can make unlimited international calls in around 50 countries.
  • It comes with advanced call management features.


  • Outdated user interface.
  • The premium package is really expensive.
  • Provide limited Digital storage.


Vonage is the best VoIP app for the collaboration of the team. It is the best VoIP app service that helps to make team collaboration on the most priority basis. Mobile app Vonage built-in features group messaging, CRM ( customer relation management. It integrates to make teamwork easier. The plan starts from $17.99. You can also add on features. You can craft a perfect plan for a small business team.


  • Best team messaging tools. It has the best class quality. 
  • Use best smartphone apps for all tiers


  • Friendly user interface
  • Limited conference time as compared to competitors

Vonage Features

  • There is some call management. You can free toll-free numbers on a monthly free. 
  • Affordability:
  • VoIP App starts with an entry-level plan. The most premium tier offers affordability.
Team Chat:

You can chat with your team by using a messaging tool. It robust the functionality as compared to the Microsoft team or slack.

Google Voice

It is the best business VoIP app for the user workplace. Google Voice is a VoIP platform. It simply integrates into a google workplace. You can boost a free plan to enjoy the high-quality audio sound. The paid plan starts from the $10 per user, per month. It is one of the best phone services.


  • Google voice integrates with Google workspace apps
  • It is available at low prices
  • It is easy to use and user-friendly interface.


  • Integrated with limited call management features
  • Google’s support is not reliable.
  • Auto-attendant available on premium plans.

Google Voice Amazing Features

Integrate with Google workspace:

You can also integrate with google voice such as Google Meet, calender

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