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What You Need to Know About Disney Plus

It’s finally here! Disney has announced the launch of its very own streaming service. Disney Plus, which means that you won’t have to subscribe to as many different services. As you currently do if you want the latest and greatest from the Mouse House. In this guide, we’ll answer all your burning questions about login/begin– what it is, what shows and movies will be available, how much it costs, and more! We’ll also make sure to note how it differs from other streaming services. You may already have or plan on getting in the future.

What is Disney+?

The official website of Disney+ says, Disney+ is a streaming service. The Walt Disney Company’s Direct-to-Consumer and International division in partnership with Netflix. With revolutionary pricing and content model, it will be a powerful competitor to leading over-the-top services. Such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and others. When does it launch?: Nov.

Disney+, or simply called Disney+ is an upcoming digital subscription video-on-demand service. That will be operated, developed, and marketed by The Walt Disney Company. Scheduled to launch in late 2019, it will be a competitor of companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Although it is set for release in late 2019, there are no details yet regarding its pricing structure or possible availability in other countries besides the United States.

Is it only available in America?: As mentioned earlier, at launch, Disney+ will only be available in America. Whether or not it would become available elsewhere later has yet to be confirmed by The Walt Disney Company.

How is it Different From Netflix?

The most obvious difference between Netflix and DisneyPlus. That it’s a platform from one of your favorite brands: Walt Disney. The appeal is instant, so if you’re a fan of Marvel or Star Wars, for example, you might find yourself taking a look at what it has to offer instead of going with Netflix. All in all, though, there are some differences between streaming services.

For instance, there are more original series on Hulu than on any other streaming service—and they have different genres as well. In short, as long as you think about what you want from your streaming experience and pick out one based on those factors—and not just because it says Disney—you should be fine with whichever platform you choose!

If you’re not sure how different streaming services are from one another, check out our guide here. There are also plenty of other things about disneyplus.con/begin that might appeal to you, so it’s worth taking a closer look. If you’re interested in having something more than just an entertainment hub, you might want to consider becoming a member of your local Walt Disney World resort—as long as you live near Florida or California! They allow streaming access while at their resorts.

When Is It Launching?

The first shows, movies and other content will roll out starting in late 2019. Subscribers can expect a Star Wars series from Lucasfilm and a new TV show about an elite branch of FBI agents as part of a lineup that will include films from Pixar, Marvel Studios and The Walt Disney Animation Studios. In all, you’ll have access to more than 7,500 episodes from ABC Television Group’s library. Though it won’t be available at launch, ESPN Plus—the sports network’s new streaming service—will also come bundled with your subscription when it debuts later in 2018.

The subscription fee for Disney’s streaming service isn’t what you might expect. Instead of paying $10 or $15 per month, subscribers will need to fork over $6.99/month or $69.99/year. If you opt for an annual plan instead of monthly, your fee will be lower by about 30% – so less than $5/month for access to all that content!

For comparison, Netflix plans start at $8.99 per month and HBO Now costs just under $15 per month, which means DisneyPlus is relatively cheap compared with other TV streaming services out there.

Is There Enough Original Content?

A big question mark on most people’s minds is whether or not there will be enough content on Disney Plus. There will certainly be a variety of original content, including new shows from Marvel Studios and Star Wars, but what about everything else? What about all your favorite TV shows from other networks that you’ve been used to for years?

In order for a streaming service like Disney Plus to truly succeed. it needs plenty of quality content that viewers want to watch. Although most popular TV shows won’t be going anywhere anytime soon (at least until the end of their current contract), many will inevitably make their way over in order for Disney Plus to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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