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5 Things You Do As a Content Writer

What is Content Writing? 

Blogs and businesses use content writing services, a type of online writing, as a marketing tactic to expand their brands through professional content writers. 

  • In order to nurture leads into their products and services, bloggers use content writing to grow their email list, increase sales from affiliate marketing, and increase website traffic. 
  • As part of their lead generation strategy, businesses use content creation to attract new clients and educate them about their offerings. 
  • This is not the same as being a copywriter. Writing copy is a way to get a quick response, whereas writing content is more about educating and growing an audience. 
  • Moreover, a blog is a necessity for every business, and every blog demands writers.
  • There are lots of types of content writing available and in demand in the market for businesses to grow their brands or target their product or services.

Therefore, In this post we will get to know which types of writing should the content writer possess, If they want to provide writing services to businesses


What Does a Content Writer Do? 

Since they provide online writing for companies, brands, solopreneurs, start-ups, and other entities, content writers are regarded as freelance writers rather than content marketers. 

  • The management of content writers and the promotional component of their content schedule falls more on the shoulders of a content marketer. 
  • Therefore, the kind of writing a content writer produces is what distinguishes them. Since I primarily offer blog writing, I only offer SMO blog writing to clients. 
  • But when you start your freelance writing business, there are other types of content you can provide. 


SEO Content Writing 

  • Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of producing content that appears in Google results. 
  • For bloggers and businesses, this organic traffic is a reliable source of customers. 
  • SEO writing isn’t typically the kind of content that high-end clients look for. Most people look for SMO writing (that we will get into shortly). 
  • Since you use your knowledge of search engine optimization when writing, this does qualify as technical writing. 
  • As a result, you will find low-paying gigs requesting SEO content writing when looking for a freelance writing job. 

Also, if you position yourself as a top-tier successful content writer, you’ll draw in high-paying SEO clients who demand optimized content of the highest caliber. 


SMO Content Writing 

Although, one of the writing skills to learn is SMO writing, or writing for social media. 

Therefore, this content is not intended to increase its Google ranking; rather, it is intended for social media or actual readers (although this type of writing does get ranked in Google). 

  • Engaging headlines and interesting introductions are used in this kind of digital content. Any blog post on Blogging Wizard is a great illustration of SMO writing. 
  • This kind of content is frequently shared on social media. And for many companies, this is their plan for attracting customers and leads. 
  • And this is the kind of B2B writing I do for my freelance clients and as a writer of digital content. 
  • Furthermore, a content writer makes $49,525 per year. 


Website Copy/ Web Content 

  • The pages on a website are referred to as website copy.
  • An About Us page, pricing page, product page, features page, contact page, and landing page are a few examples (or Home page). 
  • Many start-ups and new businesses may not be aware of how to expand their operations online. 

Therefore, the job description may state that they should hire a freelance designer to create their website before hiring a content writer to create the pages. 


Email marketing 

  • A business’s nurturing strategy is email marketing. Their aim is to convert a customer into a buyer, and email excels at doing that. 
  • After joining a company’s email list, a person receives a series of automated emails that inform, irritate, and inspire them to purchase their goods. 
  • Also, writing for email marketing heavily relies on copywriting, so if you can demonstrate to a client that your words have a financial impact.
  • Moreover, you can bet your value will soar and you’ll start attracting clients who will pay you double or more for your writing. 


Landing Page 

A destination page is a landing page. For instance, you may have clicked through from Facebook, Twitter, or an email to this page. 

  • You arrive at a landing page after clicking that link. 
  • Landing pages have a single goal and focus.
  • For example, they may ask visitors to sign up for an incentive, schedule a coaching session, join a waiting list, or purchase a product. 
  • This kind of content writing also uses copywriting.
  • Moreover, you want anyone who reads your landing page to be enthusiastic and interested in what you are offering. 

Also, on my other blog, I create pages using a tested template (they aren’t always landing pages, but they are effective for me). 

Blog Writing

Moreover, one of the primary things you’ll do as a content writer is blog writing. A blog is a website or online platform where people can share their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics.

  • A blog is a great source of getting traffic to your website, if it is fully SEO optimized and you have a good keyword for those blogs and informative for the audience, blogs are the main sources of the website’s ranking today.
  • As a content writer, you’ll be responsible for creating original, engaging, and fully SEO-optimized blog posts that will capture the attention of your audience.
  • Therefore, In order to be successful at blog writing, you’ll need to have strong writing skills and be able to engage with your audience.



While the actual act of writing is only a small part of being a successful content writer, it’s still an important one.

By following these five tips, you can become a better writer and create higher-quality content that will resonate with your audience.

Also, if you want to take your content writing to the next level, consider working with a professional copywriter or editor who can help you hone your craft.

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