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How to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally with Ivermectin

If you’re getting rid of head lice, it’s important to make sure you kill the lice and their eggs, otherwise they’ll come back in no time at all. To prevent this from happening, it’s helpful to use an FDA-approved treatment that includes a combination of two active ingredients, such as ivermectin and permethrin. These work together to make sure your hair stays lice-free as long as possible.


What are head lice?

Pediculosis capitis is a parasitic head infestation that sucks human blood and has existed for as long as people have had hair. They’re notoriously difficult to get rid of and cause itchy scalp, skin irritations, and other problems.

You can take advantage of ivermectin tablets (from anywhere between $20-50 per course depending on how many pills you need) or treat your hair with itchy scalp hydroxychloroquine (from $12 per bottle).

The latter is a prescription drug in some countries but not in others, so do your research before buying online. If you want to buy ivermectin online from a trusted seller, it is recommended that you first read reviews from previous customers to make sure the seller is reliable. In the event that you can’t find a single seller that meets your needs, it is recommended that you use a variety of sellers.


If you have lice, treat them fast!

Don’t let lice get out of control. Treating lice fast is key, as slow treatment will allow lice time to spread throughout your family.

Many over-the-counter treatments can cause side effects in children and adults, so ivermectin—an oral drug commonly used for treating head lice—is a more attractive option. Ivermectin is safe in small doses and needs only to be taken once a week for three weeks to treat head lice in all household members.

While many websites offer ivermectin for sale online like, it’s best to purchase your medicine from a trusted source such as a doctor or other medical professional that can monitor your progress over time.

Always read product labels carefully before purchasing and make sure you’re purchasing a generic version of ivermectin, which is cheaper than brand-name drugs. To use ivermectin safely on yourself or others, follow these steps:

1) Read through all directions;

2) Prepare ivermectin according to instructions;

3) Administer dosage;

4) Discard remaining liquid;

5) Clean equipment after use.

Understand that lice can live up to two weeks after being treated, so be on the lookout for live lice daily.


Natural ways to get rid of lice

Rather than using harsh, chemical-based treatments, try these natural methods for getting rid of lice.

For a quick and relatively safe treatment, it takes only a short time and common household items to kill lice.

The primary ingredient you’ll need is ivermectin. Although it is normally used in the form of oral tablets for animals, this drug also appears to be useful in the treatment of head lice in humans. Mix one crushed tablet with one teaspoon of mayonnaise until all the ingredients are fully mixed.

Apply liberally to dry hair and leave on for at least four hours before washing out. Repeat treatment every three days until no live lice remain. It may take three weeks to get rid of them entirely, so set a fair amount of time aside for this endeavor.

Remember to dry your hair before applying ivermectin or it will wash off too soon. Additionally, some people find that they still have an occasional itch after completing treatment; if that’s happening to you, consider trying tea tree oil shampoo instead.


Ivermectin for natural lice control

Removing head lice is possible by natural means, but the only remedies that are verified are extremely costly. Ivermectin may be an effective treatment for lice in humans, given its efficiency and lack of side effects.

It’s also easy to find ivermectin online, where it can be purchased without a prescription. If you decide to use ivermectin, try applying a small amount topically.

Apply the ivermectin to wet hair. It will not be effective if applied to dry hair.; do not apply more than 10 mg per kg of body weight or use more often than once every four weeks. And keep in mind that even though it is non-toxic for humans, it shouldn’t be ingested. To learn more about using ivermectin for lice control, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.


Use petroleum jelly on your children’s heads if you need to.

Petroleum jelly, otherwise known as Vaseline, is a painless and effective way to remove head lice. Because it does not kill lice but simply sticks them together, petroleum jelly suffocates them and allows for easy removal.

It’s not the best solution, but without access to hydroxychloroquine for sale or ivermectin near you, it will do the trick. Cover your child’s head in petroleum jelly and cover that with a shower cap or plastic bag.

Leave it on overnight; in the morning you can remove all of your children’s nits while they’re still in a clump. This should be enough of a solution to rid you of the pests! Hopefully, this is enough of an infestation-killing antidote!



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