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Demonstration License : 5 Benefits of obtaining it

Demonstration License is the authorization to import wireless telecommunication equipment in India for the purpose of demonstration. Issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing under the governance of Department of Telecommunication, a demonstration license is a legal requirement that not many are aware of.

Such an aspect is unfortunate, because there are many  demonstration license benefits of following the demonstration license procedure that can help the licensee establish their foothold in the telecommunication market.

Benefit 1: Power to import nuanced telecommunication equipment

As one can guess, demonstration license is a requirement not for simple wireless products. No one would attempt to go through the arduous demonstration license procedure for the sake of importing a wireless, unless it’s a revolutionary product.

And that’s where the need of the license is pronounced. Demonstration license allows you to import wireless products that no one has ever seen. It allows you to be the first to present the product to the customer base.

Benefit 2: Trust of the customers

The more legal you are, the more open you can be towards your customers. Many starting wireless importers are quite shackled when it comes to revealing their product. We think that they want to keep the suspense surrounding the said product, but the truth is they don’t have the right license for it. It won’t be the case with you if you have the demonstration license. Other Useful Content: Insurance Marketing Firm

Armed with the legal right to demonstrate the product, you can go all out and implement whatever strategies your creative mind can cook up to attract customers. In response, the customers, knowing that you have the license to demo the product, look at you with trust.

Benefit 3: Penetration of the Business to Business domain

A demonstration license is only meant for those with Dealer Possession License. Dealers are entrepreneurs that serve other entities within the broadcasting and telecommunication domains.

Simply put, it gives you a way to penetrate the B2B sector. It ensures that the clients you’re marketing the products to are worthy and who won’t have any qualms about investing their moolah on your product.

Benefit 4: Access to nuanced telecommunication equipment

As we have stated earlier, demonstration license is not for simple wireless products, but for demoing products that are essentially game changers and serve the telecommunication sector in some way.

With license, you’d have access  – as a dealer – to the products that can potentially alter shift the paradigm of the telecommunication sector of India.

Benefit 5: Demonstration license is relatively affordable

Over the past few years, the government of India has realized the need of making the business licenses more accessible for the modern entrepreneurs. One way that it has introduced this accessibility, is by reducing the registration costs. Read More: International Long Distance License

Thus, the Demonstration License fees is relatively quite low. While you need to be of a strong financial and technical background to obtain this authorization, it’s not so much that it would create issues in the long run.


Demonstration license is a mandatory authorization, but this fact shouldn’t divert you from looking at its benefits. Access to nuanced technological resources and being the first to demonstrate them to your customers.

Ability to penetrate the B2B domain while also enjoy certain exemptions in the Demonstration license fees, these are the benefits that make a demo license different from the rest of legal compliances.

To know about them, consult with Registrationwala at any given time. Read More: NBFC License in India

Still on the fence about whether to invest your time in Demonstration license. Here are the five benefits of obtaining demonstration license in India.


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