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What Makes A Weight Loss Program Effective?

Every person’s weight loss journey is different. Some people’s metabolism works in their favour, bringing forth noticeable results sooner. Some others struggle as they watch the weighing machine for weeks with no apparent differences.

In times like these, falling into the trap of a dramatic weight loss program is easy. Any program that promises rapid weight loss will do you more damage than good. So, pick a program that ensures weight loss of up to 1 kg per week, as per the recommended rate in Australia.

Besides the recommended weight loss rate, there are some other factors that you must prod upon before choosing a weight loss program for yourself.

1.    Balanced food plan

Eating clean and healthy is the first step towards effectively losing weight. Your weight is majorly dependent on your calorie consumption versus the energy you expend in a day.

If you are a conventional 21st-century person, your diet must mainly comprise high-calorie, nutrient-lacking processed food. Add to it; that if you have a 9-5 desk job, your physical movement would be minimal. This essentially means your body is loaded with calories that you don’t appropriately use, hence causing weight gain.

So, if you want your weight loss program to be a success, your diet plan must feature nutrient-rich food with low calories. So, eat lean meats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low-fat dairy products.

That said, do not drastically cut out calories from your diet or entirely remove specific food groups like carbohydrates. It will poorly reflect on your energy levels and create nutritional problems.

A healthy diet is one that is adequately balanced and aided with supplements!

2.    Likeable meals

Having a balanced and healthy diet is an absolute must. If your diet only comprises food that you do not enjoy, then you’re likely to not follow it for too long.

Its long-term implementation is essential for any diet to work well and offer fruitful results. It can only happen if your meal plan includes food that excites you and does not feel overly restricting.

So, create a likeable meal plan that’s also flexible and includes food from all food groups, including dairy and carbs! Leave some room for reasonable indulgences every once in a while. Although, do try to keep off of sugar drinks, sweets and alcohol!

Your weight loss journey should not feel like a torture game.

3.    Physical activities

Healthy food can only do so much if your physical activities are a bare minimum. Having a well-structured exercise plan is just as crucial as a balanced diet.

With the proper exercise routine, you can create a deficit of calories and ease the excess amounts of calories that would otherwise act as fat. Moreover, physical activities help counter the loss of muscle mass caused due to weight loss.

Two of the most beneficial types of exercise include resistance training and aerobic exercises. The right combination of both can amplify the impact of your chosen weight loss program.

4.    Safety

Reaching your weight goal should not be accompanied by other health issues. Rapid weight loss can often cause ailments like gallstones, malnutrition, fatigue, and bad health.

Stick to the standard 0.5-1kg weight loss per week because it’s sensible and safe. Any other programs that promise quick results will have you purchasing supplements and pills that are not too safe.

Real food and an honest exercise regime will get you to your goals.

Wrapping up.

Successfully shedding off kilos requires patience, hard work and determination. With the right changes in your food eating habits and the introduction of ample physical movement, you can reach your goal easily.

Find the right weight loss program that helps you embrace yourself with love and gently nudges you in the right direction. Most of all, find a program that makes you not want to revert to old habits.




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