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How To Easily Get Into Ubereats Like App Development In 2021?

These days with the advent of technology, almost everything is made possible with just a few clicks and swipes. Creating an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats is the key for any restaurant business to gain a wide reach. In this blog, let’s discuss the way to build your own food delivery app and dominate the market. 

UberEats is the most popular on-demand food delivery app across the globe. It has more than 70 million users worldwide and is available in more than 6000 cities. According to Statistica, the number of people ordering food online is anticipated to be around 69.9 million by 2024. 

If you are already running an eatery or chain of restaurants, then you can easily expand your customer base by launching your own food-delivery app. Alternatively, if you are a budding entrepreneur thinking about stepping into the on-demand industry, UberEars like app development is a pathbreaking step.

Approaches to developing an app like UberEats

There are two ways to build your own food-delivery apps: developing an app from scratch or by developing using an UberEats clone script.

To explain concisely, developing an app from the ground up is nothing, but you have to build your app without any head start, just like constructing a building on an empty ground. You have to accomplish each task, from research to coding. The complexity of the app directly influences the cost of development. It normally takes four to five months to build a food-delivery app from scratch. Again it depends on the complexity of the app as well as various other factors such as the development team you hire, etc.

On the other hand, the UberEats clone script is a pre-built solution that consists of all the key features and performs exactly like that of the parent app. As the clone scripts are 100% customizable, you can customize your app according to your business needs with the help of a reputed app development company. It allows you to easily launch your dream app into the market in just a matter of few days at an affordable price. 

Before getting into the development process, make sure that the clone script that you get your hands on has the following key features in it,

  • Easy sign-up
  • Advanced search bar
  • Multiple Payment gateways
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Scheduled Food delivery
  • Multiple devices login
  • Ratings and reviews

Apart from these key features, you can also include many additional features to enhance the user experience of your app. This not only allows you to stand out from the existing apps but also helps you to attract a vast user base swiftly. By deploying a scalable solution, you can expand the features of your app in the near future when you gain more popularity.

How does an UberEats Clone app work?

To make the food delivery app as a whole, it is important to develop four apps, each one for the customers, restaurants, delivery executives, and admin panel. A successful food delivery occurs in a sequence of steps which are as follows,

  1. Upon installation of the app, users can easily sign up using multiple login methods. 
  2. An advanced search bar helps the users to search for a particular cuisine or restaurant in close proximity. Using various parameters, users can filter and search restaurants.
  3. Users can select and add their favorite meal to the cart. 
  4. After reviewing the items in the cart, the users can place their orders.
  5. There are multiple modes of payment for the users to choose their convenient way. Thus users can instantly pay and place an order.
  6. The restaurants receive the order request. The order gets confirmed when the restaurants accept the order. 
  7. Upon acceptance, the restaurants begin with preparing and packing the food.
  8. Meanwhile, the delivery executives receive a notification about the delivery order. They can accept or reject the delivery based on their availability.
  9. The in-app navigation directs the delivery executives to the restaurant and then to the customer’s place. 
  10. The users in real-time can track the movement of the delivery executives. Thus they can be aware of the arrival of the food.
  11. The app navigates the delivery agents through optimized routes. Therefore fast delivery is possible by avoiding jammed roads.
  12. The delivery executives safely hand over the food to the customers in time. 
  13. Upon each successful delivery, the users can share their ratings and reviews about the food and the delivery service. 

To wrap up,

The benefits of launching an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats are infinite in number. The millennials are showing more interest in ordering their food online rather than cooking. Looking at the current lifestyle changes, it is evident that food delivery apps are going to experience a huge spike.

Though there are various food delivery apps available in the market, the apps that offer utmost benefits to their users always turn out to be the favorite ones. Therefore, provide more discounts and coupons to attract more users to your app in no time. 

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