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Things That Your Dream House Should Have 

Nowadays, residential house are offering all five-star facilities to their residents. Prosperity is all about the amenities and safety that you get with your home. They are made more concentrated and on highly valuable land. However, they are a very good investment and offer more luxuries than any other residential infrastructure. Few of them must have are-

  1. Open living space

Your dream house must have clear sightlines with open space. It is the most demanding thing of any home seeker. Open living spaces are good to celebrate and sit all together. Moreover, you can always keep your eye on your kid with that.

  1. Enough kitchen counter space

No matter how big your kitchen is, but you can never have enough space in that. Whether it’s an additional preparation space or breakfast bar for serving food, a sufficient kitchen counter adds enormous significance.

  1. Kitchen Island

You might have seen kitchen islands in movies and TV shows. And then it must have become a common thought that they are used by fancy people only. However you are right, but with looks, it has a great functional aspect as well. A kitchen island can provide you with more cabinets, counter space, and breakfast bar seating.

  1. Mega storage

Our families have a lot of stuff to keep. Especially all our female members, they can never be done with their apparel collection. Without even cramping your space, condos offer enough space for your closet section.

  1. Patio or deck for outdoor entertainment

It is the most cost-effective way, developers are accepting to add square footage, that too without doing extra addition to your home. Outstanding developers are using excellent brands of furniture and they are so stylish and relaxed that you would swear it that it was implied for indoor use.

  1. Car parking or a garage

Car parking areas should be enough large and clean. For all those residents who love their vehicles, it’s the widest area to look for. You must have seen several people who care a lot for their two and Four Wheelers.

At new launch the  Avenir the inhabitants do have a total of 376 parking lots. In addition to these, 4 more accessible park lots are also there in the equity.

  1. Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures

Who doesn’t love saving money? Be it a smaller amount or a huge.

And it’s even better when it’s saving our environment. We are in a technology-driven world, and nothing can be good than making use of technology to save our environment and hence, energy-efficient appliances and fixtures are good to go.

  1. Tennis court

To increase the overall value of a property, developers try to inculcate the foremost amenities in their condo. One of the most demanding and foremost is a tennis court. According to the property experts, adding a tennis court in a condo means a significant increase in the value of that residential unit.

If you also want a house, where you can get a fully-equipped tennis court, then you are most welcome to the new launch The Commodore condominium. After a long tiring day or even on your weekends, you can fulfill this craving of your heart to be on a sporty tennis court.

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