Digital Signage – Digital Interactive Displays

Digital Interactive Displays or DID’s are a hot new way to interact with your visitors. It can be used in so many ways and it has been proven by the millions of dollars being spent each year on interactive digital displays around our country!

How do these work?

There are a number of different types for post boxes available in the market today, and each has its own pros. The 5 wire resistive panel is one type that works well with human fingers but not so much when it comes to gloved hands since they cannot sense heat from your fingertips like an accordion style keyboard can do due to their sensitivity towards cold temperatures (winter). There’s also IR touch screens which offer all benefits as seen before while being broken – meaning you could use them outdoors during winter time without having any issues whatsoever!


Wayfinding and interactivity are key components to any retail space. These LCD screens provide customers with more information about products they’re interested in; as well as directing them towards a specific area for browsing purposes using touchscreens on the monitor

ATM’s are an easy and fast way to get money, but they’re not always accessible. If you have difficulty accessing one due to your physical condition or location then there is a more modern machine called the kiosk that might be right for you!

Kiosks are either mounted to stands in the floor or they can be Floorstanding and have a body manufactured from steel.

A company who supplies kiosks must experience both manufacturing signboards as well providing. These types of devices for signage markets because there was an instance where one supplier produced top-heavy models that would topple over if not carefully balanced; so make sure you choose your digital interactive display wisely!

Digital Interactive Displays in Architecture

The digital interactive displays that are now the industry standard for retailers to display; their products may also eventually change how we interact with architecture.

The digital water was designed to respond and interact with sensors, meaning that it ‘parted’ around people in the area. The interactive sculpture can also be formed into various patterns controlled by an open source software program!

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