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The Secret to Food Delivery App Development

Food Delivery App Development

With a compelling content platform, appealing aesthetics, and a real-time feedback mechanism, on-demand apps are revolutionising various enterprises across industries. This is where the food business has suffered the most. The rapid expansion of apps such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Zomato has inspired numerous food businesses throughout the world to invest in food delivery app development. It lets restaurants and new food delivery companies automate routine tasks, speed up food delivery, improve customer service, and reach more people online.

So, if you are looking to dominate the online food delivery market with a super delivery app, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will lead you through the fundamentals of developing on-demand food delivery software quickly and affordably. So jump right in!

Why Invest in the Development of On-Demand Food Delivery Apps?

Isn’t it surprising to find out that the revenue growth for food delivery application development is expected to be 9.9% CAGR (2019–23)? It’s because ordering and delivery services have changed and by 2023, food-ordering apps are expected to be worth $16.6 billion.

Consider the following convincing reasons to leverage on-demand meal delivery apps:

  • It gives restaurants the chance to reach more customers while growing their digital income streams and making a lot of money.
  • Food chains, restaurants, and food aggregators can capitalise on extra growth prospects with local and global menu availability.
  • Meeting consumer preferences with simple audience targeting
  • Customers are encouraged to use promotional incentives and take up the food delivery service more frequently.
  • Customers like it when they get loyalty points for ordering again and again, which makes their overall experience better.

What Are the Different Types of Online Food Delivery App Development?

We believe that every food business, whether it’s a restaurant, a cloud kitchen, a food truck, or a home delivery service, is unique. As a result, an organisation can select any of the three types of on-demand apps based on its business priorities and consumer needs:

Order & Delivery Apps: Because it eliminates the need for single restaurants, food trucks, and grocery shops, this logistics-focused delivery app is an excellent choice.

Aggregator apps: Aggregator Apps are mostly third-party apps that handle logistics and delivery for food businesses that want to grow their online presence and reach.

Full-stack Delivery Apps: This all-in-one app manages and monitors everything from taking orders and distributing them to delivery partners to managing inventory and processing payments. It lets you get the most out of your delivery resources so that your business flows smoothly from your carriers to the door of the customer.

How Owebest Technologies Can Help You?

When developing a food delivery app, it’s critical to keep design and development costs and time to a minimum. We integrate innovation, technology, design, and support services for both the Android and iOS platforms as an end-to-end custom food delivery app development company. Our experts will use tried-and-true business models to build and launch your online food delivery software.

We even assist individual restaurants, delivery startups, and home delivery service companies in building apps comparable to Uber Eats or GrubHub faster by employing cost-effective alternatives. These alternatives include existing APIs that help expedite and minimise the expense of their development process. We help our customers get the most out of popular APIs, which are important building blocks for creating a meal delivery service.

Food Delivery App Highlights:

Here is a list of standard features that can be included in an easy-to-use online meal delivery app. After that, we add more advanced features based on the business needs of each customer to help them grow their customer base and scale their operations.

Customers’ App

  • Sign in with your email address, phone number, or Facebook account.
  • Push notifications for new meals or special deals.
  • Order/cancel from a variety of eateries
  • Receive a bill estimate for your order Track your order in real-time.
  • Rate, review, and comment on recent or prior orders.
  • Use Digital payments option and contactless delivery to adhere to social norms.
  • Reorder a meal in the same manner as before.

Delivery Application

  • Register and apply for jobs swiftly using a personal automobile.
  • Make a profile and update your personal information.
  • Set restaurant pick-up availability and accept orders.
  • Navigation within the app
  • Find out where your customers are.
  • Orders and earnings are tracked.

Restaurants Module

  • Sign in, create a unique profile, and upload restaurant and menu photos.
  • Launch and display promotions and deals.
  • Manage the menu by adding and removing items.
  • Tracking delivery guy to check if the order is delivered.
  • Manage orders by accepting and rejecting them.
  • Utilize tools to manage and track your revenue.

Admin Module

  • Delivery management administration module for adding/removing restaurants and delivery boys.
  • Customizing the app so the updates are visible on all platforms.
  • Inform customers and restaurant owners about platform-based promotions.
  • Track trending eateries using analytics.
  • Control your online payments, restaurant payouts, and commissions.


To summarise, a business-centric solution with a food delivery focus allows for optimal value extraction for any food business. And in a post-COVID environment, we expect this trend to continue. This would meet the commercial needs of all parties involved. If you are unclear about how to create such an app, it is important to consult with subject matter experts. They may provide mobile app development solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Owebest’s experienced team of skilled developers know how to balance customer needs with business goals. They design apps for a wide range of industries, which includes the food ordering and delivery market, to make a strong impression.

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OweBest Technologies is a leading Mobile App, Web & Blockchain Development Agency based in India. It is a multi-faceted and rapidly growing IT company that aims to become a leader in the mobile industry and strive to be the first choice of customers by discovering innovative solutions with the highest level of quality. We at OweBest Technologies would love to help you with all your business needs. Get in touch with us and hire our experienced developers today.

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