How BIM Can Help You Save BIG Money on Your Next Architectural Project

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” – famous American writer, Stewart Brand 

All the construction companies today are going gaga over a new transformative technology that’s called BIM (Building Information Modelling). It helps them improve their work productivity considerably. The reason behind this drift is that BIM enhances the infrastructure and assets that they build, which in turn boosts their profit margins to a great extent.

Numerous business owners in construction line are also embracing the trend to outsource engineering and architectural services to India. As it helps them fit superior quality BIM facilities in their budget.

If your construction business has not started benefitting from BIM, let’s get you acquainted with the BIM benefits for architects today! 

What is BIM? 

BIM is a 3D model-based digital illustration of a construction project that represents all its physical and functional features. The limitation with using just AutoCAD for the same is that it doesn’t efficiently address the difference between an architect’s thought process and workflow.

But BIM encompasses more than just graphics, even AutoCAD; it includes comprehensive data for a more efficient workflow. And includes key project elements like design, construction, operation, maintenance, logistics, schedules and budgets. 

How BIM Helps Save Money? 

For architects & construction business owners, BIM helps save money by presenting a more accurate analysis as compared to the traditional processes used for modelling information. 

This helps architects minimize the need to rework on the building information or field adjustments, and also to gradually improve productivity. It also allows integration of voluminous data across all the operations involved in a building’s lifecycle. 

BIM Benefits for Architects 

  • Hassle-Free Project Management 

Construction managers, architects and their team are not new to the process of making numerous changes to the design draft. Keeping everyone in loop is important for even the slightest change to be executed properly, and BIM does this task.

It keeps all the people involved in the construction project updated, thereby significantly improving coordination and project management. 

  • Clearer Design Communication 

One of the biggest BIM benefits for architects is that it helps them present their building designs in a flexible, technical & interactive manner. This incredible technology allows them to explain their virtual design models to their colleagues & clients confidently and concisely. So that they can understand and track the project’s development. 

  • Identifying and Rectifying Problems Early 

Recognizing a flaw in design after moving into the construction phase is the biggest nightmare for an architect. BIM offers an impressive feature to avoid such situations, and save a lot of reconstructive time and money – automatic clash detection.

This enables visualizing designs easily and quickly, so that the prospective options can be validated against your key performance criteria. 

  • Better Quality and Reduced Costs 

For those engineers & architects who do not prefer to work without complete support throughout the building lifecycle, BIM is a must-have technology. It helps them plan everything from inception to construction, and even future demolition.

There is a model for every phase of the project. That allows them to design and construct meticulously by optimizing even the most mundane aspects like labour deployment & material usage. BIM helps save money by improving the project quality, and reducing the risks associated with the entire process of construction. 

Wrapping Up 

Planning and designing are the most crucial parts of a construction project. And how BIM helps spearhead these parts efficiently is very clear now. This technology helps lessen the work at every level of construction, & benefits the involved team of owners, contractors, and engineers. 

Another trend in the construction industry is to outsource engineering & architectural services to India as it helps garner quality BIM services in a surprisingly small investment.

Indian architects & civil engineers are well-known for their expertise in using BIM to plan each phase of logistics before implementation. Thereby helping save more time, money and efforts. 

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