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Tata Smart Homes Sector 150

Tata Smart Homes Sector 150 Were you searching for the best property in Noida Extension? Then, it is understandable how you came to know about Tata Smart Homes. And, if you are wondering what’s all the hype about this residential project, you have come to the right place. Below is everything you need to know about this futuristic place.

About Tata Smart Homes

It is no secret that people in recent times are searching for the best Luxury Project in Noida Extension Greater Noida. After all, regular homes have become a thing of the past. Right now, smart homes are the main thing among the next generation. Yes, you can find it as a 3 bhk and 2 bhk flat in Noida. But, the thing is – many believe that smart homes are only found abroad. Well, that’s far away from the truth. Noida and Noida extension, one of the fastest-growing places in India, is seeing these futuristic developments. Now, you can understand why many are choosing to move into this amazing place. Still, many don’t have a clear understanding of what smart homes can give them. That’s why this article will help you to see the bigger picture of Tata Smart Homes.

  • First, what’s a smart home?

The truth is, this question has different answers depending on who you ask. In simple terms, a smart home is a technologically equipped place that uses devices to take care of simple tasks that you usually do. Some homes have it in their construction structure itself while others get added later on. And, homeowners can control their homes using voice commands or artificial intelligence. Now, isn’t this cool? Surely, you can see why many who want to buy homes in Noida are considering this place.

You know that the whole world is becoming “smart” in everything. Whether it’s TV or other appliances, people are using technology to make their lives much simpler. And, Tata Smart Homes Sector 150 Noida is offering just that. After all, there is no rule that you cannot make a regular home into a smart one. That’s why this place is getting a lot of attention now.

  • Second, what is this residential project about?

Surely, you must have wondered why this project came up when you were searching for the best property in Noida extension 2021. Tata Smart Homes is a part of the famous project Eureka Park in sector 150 of Noida extension. This is from Land Kart builders who is a subsidiary of Tata value homes and Lotus Greens constructions. They made sure that the residents truly experience a smart lifestyle living here. And, the best part is that you can find everything right here. Yes, from the best amenities to ample green spaces, you can enjoy life the way you should do it. Perhaps, that’s why many say this place to be a dream home come true.

Tata Eureka Park covers an area of 20.74 acres with 10 towers comprising 1160 smart units. Here, you can find both 2 and 3 bhk flats available. And, the best part is that these smart homes are available at an affordable price range, starting from 68.2 lakhs. Now, you can see why many say that this place is an affordable luxury. In short, this place has only the best which you cannot find anywhere for the same price range.

Why Tata Smart Homes?

When searching for a good Flat For Sale In Greater Noida, you will see a lot of options available for you. Of course, every property you see online will seem like the best deal out there. But, the key in finding the right property depends on the reasons why it is a good one. After all, if the property doesn’t have clear reasons on why should spend money on it, you better go to another one. Some of the reasons why you should choose Tata Smart Homes are:

  • Make your lifestyle smart

Well, thanks to the easy availability of home loans, this is no longer an issue. Yes, anyone can get their hands on their own home. That’s why you can easily find a 4 Bhk Flat In Noida at an affordable price. Still, you cannot compare the benefits you get from a smart home. After all, you can control everything in your smart home with your smartphone. From lights to AC, all controls depends on a simple tap from you. Surely, your lifestyle will become smarter now.

  • Smart security

For many homebuyers, security is another major concern. Well, Eureka Park Tata value homes have good news for you. Here, you will find world-class security features like a smart door lock. So, you just need to use your fingerprint or passcode to unlock your home. Also, you will see the best security surveillance using CCTV cameras in public places. Now, you can see how this place has “smart security”.

  • Smart space planning

The planning of the place is also an important factor to consider when you are searching for a 2 bhk in Noida for purchase. Whether it’s the complete planning of the residential project or the floor layout of the home, everything is in the way to benefit its residents. The majority of the area in this project is open space with greenery. Furthermore, you can find open-air wifi gazebos to make sure that you have full access to the internet.

  • Smart amenities

Now, this is something that you cannot downplay. Yes, you need good amenities no matter what type of ready to move luxury apartments in Noida you pick. Otherwise, life can become hard for you. This is not the case here. Surely, you can find the best amenities here that will make you never want to leave the place. From the best clubhouse to the squash court, this residential project has everything you need to lead a happy life.

  • Smart landscaping

In recent times, people looking for a 3 bhk or a 2 Bhk Flat For Sale In Noida Extension, make sure of one thing. And, that is the open space and greenery of the place. Here, you will find a good amount of greenery with a party lawn and an open-air amphitheatre. Yes, smart landscaping makes sure that you don’t miss out on nature.

Tata Smart Homes Sector 150 Noida – Project Details

Considering project details is essential in finding the Best Residential Projects in Noida Extension. After all, that’s the easiest way to say whether the money that you will spend on the property is worth it or not. Surely, when you consider the project details of Tata Smart Homes, you will understand why many say that this is the future of living space. In short, this is a place where you find comfort and luxury at an affordable price. The builders took extra effort to make sure that each home has good ventilation and natural light. After all, this is essential for a healthy life. Some noteworthy details of the project are:

  • Overview

The project Tata value home in Noida covers an area of 20.74 acres and consists of 10 buildings. In total, you will find 1160 units of 2 and 3 bhk floor plans. The possession date starts from September 2023. And, the RERA registration number is UPRERAPRJ5448. Here, you will find a wide range of amenities to meet everyone’s needs and tastes. Yes, from the cycling track to the yoga area, everything is under place. Seriously, leaving home will become harder because everything is right here for a comfortable life.

Now, the recent addition to this project is the introduction of automated homes – or Smart homes. After all, a home is not only about bricks and décor. It is much more than that. Using the recent technological advancements, homes are now made smarter for an easy life. And, that’s how Tata Smart Homes came about.

  • Location benefits

One of the reasons why many look for Ready to Move Projects in Noida Extension is due to its location benefits. For starters, the connectivity of this place is on the best level. You easily reach anywhere you want from here because it is near to Yamuna Expressway and Noida-Greater Noida expressway. Certainly, this level of connectivity is a pleasant surprise especially for working people and for those who have to regularly travel. Also, you can find numerous golf courses and a racing track in this area.

  • Social amenities

The presence of nearby social amenities is something that you cannot overlook when you look for the best flat for sale in Noida. Well, this place has the best for its residents. Several famous schools like Management international school and RPS near to this place. Also, you find top-notch universities like Genesis, Gautam Buddha University, and JBM right here. And, the best part is that all of the best places are present within a 6 km radius.

Now, healthcare is something that everyone pays extra attention to when choosing a place to move in. You can find Roshan hospital, Fortis hospital, and Ashwini hospital near this residential project. On the other hand, you can find amazing malls like Senior mall and Omaxe Connaught place near to its location.

In short, from smart lifestyle to smart spacing, and nearby amenities, this place has it all. Surely, you can never find a project elsewhere like this one.

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