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How long do Vidalista Tablets Stay Effective?

Vidalista tablets are one of the most popular erectile dysfunction medicines you will ever be prescribed with. Its faster onset timings are quite impressive. But, men are often concerned to know if this ED pill lasts longer.

We’ll be checking out on this in this read.

How long can Vidalista tablet remain effective?

Its remains effective for 4 to 5 hours. This means that one Vidalista tablet can make men sustain rock-hard erections for an extended duration of 4 to 5 hours. How promising!

Well, this does not mean that tadalafil will get immediately discarded after this. It remains effective in the bloodstream for 24 hours & gets discarded after that.

What influences the effective duration of Vidalista tablets?

The basic working mechanism of Vidalista 20 tablets depends on Tadalafil, its active ingredient. It is tadalafil that activates & promotes harder erections. But, what activates tadalafil? The answer is sexual stimulation. Yes, men must attain sexual arousal first if they want to see the effectiveness of Vidalista tablets.

Besides this, one more thing that influences the effectiveness timings of this medicine and that is the consumption timings & the way the tablet is used. The ideal duration of using medication is before 30 minutes or one hour before sexual intercourse. Also, if you use it on an empty stomach or after lighter meals, tadalafil tends to activate faster. Opposite to this, if Vidalista 60 tablets are used after a stomach full of heavy or fatty meals, it may take around 40 minutes to activate tadalafil.

You may ask your doctor for more information regarding this.

What is the benefit of extended erection timings?

Men are often carry away by this impressive erection timing. But, you should know how to make the most out of these 4 to 5 hours. What if we say you can get hard again after coming once? Yes!

The best thing about this medication is that men can enjoy the hardness of erections even after ejaculating once. This means you can impress your partner with back-to-back performances & make them reach satisfactory climax for as long as you both are comfortable. Isn’t it great?!

Start using Vidalista tablets!

You must be thrill with the thought of banging on for such a long playtime, isn’t it? Would you not like to use Vidalista 40 tablets? If yes, it’s time to consult your doctor and get the best Vidalista variant prescribe as per your health conditions. It is better to take this impotence medicine instead of suffering from softer erections. Do you agree?

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