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Why You Should Pick Your Power Chain Colors Carefully

If you have braces, it’s important to choose your colors carefully. The colors of your braces will be something you’ll need to live with for several years, and being happy with the color combination you’ve chosen will make your orthodontic journey much easier. However, if you want to choose what color or colors to get, here are some tips to help you pick wisely.

Primary colors (red, blue, yellow)

Because primary colors can be mixed to create new colors, they should be used when you want to brand your company with a color. Because it is not possible to use black braces bands with primary colors, they are best used as accent colors. Make sure you stick with one of these power chain colors when using them. These power chain colors are not appropriate for words or sentences on advertisements or websites because they may not contrast enough and will make your text difficult to read. However, if used properly with white or another contrasting background color, primary colored braces bands will stand out very well and draw in consumers without overpowering them.

Secondary colors (orange, green, purple)

While it’s fine to mix and match, be mindful of matching your secondary colors too much. For example, a teen with purple braces in black bands could go for a purple shirt and orange shoes, but if their hair was blue or green, their accessories would look awkward and mismatched. As fun as that purple outfit might look on its own, mixing in too many bright colors—while cool—can ultimately distract from your main focus. Stick to one secondary color at a time (or two) when building your outfit around an accent color like black braces bands.

Neutrals (black and white)

Black and white color-coded power chains help indicate whether you have to take any action on a chain or not. For example, if someone sends you an email with a black chain it means there’s no issue but they still want you to reply. The white chain denotes that no response is required. As an example, imagine walking into a boardroom wearing red braces and a yellow tie—not something most people would do intentionally but something that can be done accidentally if not paying attention to color coordination. Also, never wear silver braces; silver does not read as neutral and typically makes people uncomfortable.

Make sure they match your style

Choosing a metal color for your braces is important for two reasons. First, it allows you to find a metal that complements your skin tone and hair color without standing out or looking strange. Second, it helps you choose something that fits in with your personal style as well as your personality. For example, if you’re very outgoing and active, you may want to go with gold or a darker metal like black. If on the other hand, you have an artsy streak and prefer simplicity, silver is probably going to be a better option for you. Either way—black braces bands are going to work best when they match both your personality and your choice of clothing.

Prominent colors in your outfit

Like shoes, bags and hair accessories, your power chain colors adds a pop of color to your outfit. As far as colors go, it’s all about what complements your skin tone and personality. We asked local stylist Tawana King for her suggestions on how to pair different colors with one another: If you’re wearing an orange-colored dress, wear a yellow necklace; if you’re wearing a yellow-colored dress, wear an orange necklace; if you’re wearing a green top and pants combo, look for something with emerald accents; and for blue tops/pants combos choose red accessories.

Matches a warm or cool skin tone

A cool skin tone (often referred to as pink) would look best with silver or white gold, which has a cool tint. A warm skin tone is best suited for yellow gold or rose gold, which both have warm undertones. A neutral skin tone will work well with any of these colors. If you don’t know what your skin tone is, then it’s best to visit your dentist or physician and ask them what they think your natural undertone is. Once you know that then look at your existing jewelry and other items around you – if everything looks greyed out, then you probably have a cool undertone; if things appear more vibrant and colorful then you likely have a warm undertoned complexion.

Figure out your character

Choose your power color. Based on your natural personality, most people will pick one of two colors: red or blue. Red personalities tend to be aggressive, outgoing and passionate. They are excited about new experiences and thrive in a fast-paced environment where they are constantly given new tasks to accomplish. Blue personalities tend to be more even-keeled, goal-oriented and driven by logic rather than emotion. Typically a little more cautious than their red counterparts, blue personalities make logical decisions after carefully weighing all of their options. They’re less likely to jump into things without thinking through all of their options first and may come across as reserved or serious when compared with some other personality types. Choosing your character’s color helps shape who you are when playing the game for hours on end!

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