Reduce the Cost of Your Furniture Marketing Strategy In 2022

It’s never easy to strike a balance between marketing objectives and marketing budgets. Fortunately, there are certain strategies that furniture manufacturers can use to cut marketing expenditures. Outsourcing of your furniture photography and then opting for retouching services can prove highly beneficial.

The demand for edits is the driving force behind retouching services. Therefore Furniture companies must figure out the most efficient way to teach customers about products and provide them with a pleasant customer experience that will entice them to buy furniture online.

Online furniture stores, like many other businesses, rely on images to communicate a high-quality image. That’s why traditional photography isn’t always the best approach to get the job done.

Furniture Photography Has Been A Major Marketing Strategy For IKEA

In 2014, IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, admitted that furniture photo retouching services are used in 75 percent of its catalog images.

The Benefits of Manipulation of Furniture Photographs 

  • Furniture photo editing enhances the branding and online marketing efforts.
  • It Gives Customers More Options – assisting customers in selecting the best mix of products to purchase. 
  • Changing “what is” to “what you want it to appear like” is one way to bridge the image quality gap. 

The IKEA Case Study 

Paying attention to industry giants like IKEA are up to is always instructive. Replicating the world’s most successful furniture retailing company can provide useful insights for businesses of all sizes. IKEA noticed that most catalog viewers couldn’t identify the difference between unedited and modified photographs. 

Only around a quarter of the furniture photographs used by IKEA in their marketing campaigns are the original, unedited versions. The 9.7 million e-catalog downloads and over a billion website visits it clocked are a clear message is that photo editing services  work well for IKEA. 

An effective furniture marketing strategy will help you promote long-term client involvement and give meaning to their purchase patterns.

How Can you Reduce Marketing Budgets while Maximizing Returns? 

For most firms, increasing the bottom line through marketing initiatives necessitates achieving two goals: increased sales and lower costs. Photo manipulation can help you achieve both goals, as IKEA’s remarkable results show. Here are ten ways that image alteration can help you save money on furniture marketing: 

  • Texture additions 
  • Creating three-dimensional visualizations 
  • Resizing or compressing photos to allow for usage in a variety of settings 
  • Copyright protection by using watermarks 
  • Flaws are removed, and photogenic features are added. 
  • Artificially enhancing colors and compensating for poor lighting 
  • Changing the appearance to that of a painting or sketch 
  • Getting rid of distracting elements from nature photographs 
  • Including people who aren’t present in group shots 
  • Isolating products for the sake of advertising 

Through the virtual magic of 3D rendering technology, professionals can assist your consumers in making the mental leap from empty or unpleasant rooms to a designer house.  

How to Put Your Furniture Marketing Strategy Together 

Furniture photography collateral can be a valuable tool in your marketing plan.                     

To Communicate the Essence of Your Furniture, Use Virtual Staging 

  • If customers have the ability to view how the furniture looks when placed in a space and how it transforms the room, then the interest in purchasing your furniture will increase. 
  • Reduce costs – Marketing tactics that rely on traditional staging displays are costly. Furniture photography services and creating various 3D visual staging settings are less expensive and time-consuming. 

Make Your Website as Appealing as Your Home Furnishings 

Every furniture marketing strategy needs a well-designed and easy-to-use website as a base. There is only a handful of them who are willing to go furniture shopping in all of the neighboring stores. Almost 90% of clients prefer to buy furniture online. 

Offering a wonderful online experience with gorgeous interior photographs is the best approach to attract customers’ attention. Simply make it as lovely as your furniture. 

Material is the engine that propels social media interaction, and visual content is the most crucial sort of content, according to 45 percent of B2C marketers. 90 percent of Millennials use social media. That visual content promotes engagement and shares, furniture companies can benefit greatly from social media marketing. 

Sharing beautiful furniture photographs on social media is a great approach to interact with Millennials who are tech-savvy.  

Furniture Product Photography: Traditional Vs. Manipulation  

Just as the Betamax videocassette format is no longer used to record and display video entertainment, video editing technology has rendered some old photographing techniques obsolete. Even for photographers and videographers who prefer “genuine or conventional” vs. “furniture photo manipulation” of photos, the final test — what do clients want? — remains unavoidable. Here is where furniture photo editing outstrips traditional photography by miles. 


What distinguishes your company from the competition? What distinguishes your furniture from others? All of these characteristics may be captured in a high-resolution photograph that can be readily published to your website and shared on social media. 

Including high-quality furniture photographs in your marketing campaign is a viable option. It doesn’t cost a fortune, and the photographs you get can be used again and again to generate varied results.   

Sumul Padharia

Sumul Padharia, a man of many talents is a BDE by profession at IIPVAPI, a world leader in photo editing services. He is also a photographer by passion and a cricketer by heart, but his first love is delivering client success through premium grade image editing services. In his free time, you can find him honing his aim in front of a dart board.

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