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How to prepare for National Science Olympiad (NSO)

NSO 2022

NSO is also known as the national science olympiad is a premier exam conducted every year at the national level for the students to check and enhance their science skills.

Olympiads are basically the exams conducted at the school level. They are one of the best way to check one’s understanding of concepts. They give chance to students to take part in a competitive world.

You have to be very focused on achieving excellence in Olympiads. A few quick tips for preparing for these exams are:

The exam is organized in 2 stages.

The first level basically consists of reasoning and science questions. The second level is general science.

Students can register online for NSO 2022 to excel in the field of science.

There are some of the tips that can help students to prepare for NSO.


Olympiads is a responsible and exciting moment for both school graduates, students, and their parents. During this period, it is especially important to feel good, be focused and attentive. How can this be achieved? Yes, preparing for tests can be difficult, and sometimes it’s not even clear where to start.¬†However, there are ways to improve memory, concentration, and even mood during this period.

The daily routine during the olympiads preparation period should not differ from the usual one, do not think that if you sleep less, you will have time to learn or repeat more. It’s a delusion. Sleepless nights before olympiads lead to the fact that you overwork, your attention will be scattered and you may even forget the material that you have learned well. Don’t forget about rest. If you feel tired, don’t push yourself. Relax, but not in front of a computer or TV, but go outside, take a shower, do exercises, do eye exercises, or just talk with friends or family. It is advisable to take small breaks for rest every 40-45 minutes.

Do not give up the usual duties around the house, because a change of activity is the best rest.

But parties or excessive physical activity before should not be planned. Here are some of the tips to prepare for the olympiads :

Points to remember:


1.Practice Mock tests:

Find online resources for mock tests, then start practicing for mock tests. School Connect Online provides you with the previous year’s paper to practice. Attempting previous year questions can help you to develop problem-solving and time management skills required at the competitive stage of NSO.

2. Plan and Execute:

Plan your time according to the syllabus and topics and try to solve the mock tests as per the time allotted for NSO. It may seem like a lot of work, but putting together a comprehensive¬†plan will really save you time. You won’t have to waste a minute deciding what to learn and it will help you track your progress. Make a schedule as detailed as possible, including any relevant documents or notes you’ll need to review – and stick to it.

3. Regular effort:

You cannot achieve success in National Science Olympiad in one day or two it’s a long learning process and requires lots of practice and patience. If you won’t be able to achieve success in one attempt, keep trying and surely you will get success.

4. Be calm and positive :

So, you’ve got plenty of advice from leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and educationalists to help you learn better. Make the most of them, After all, you have more ways than any previous generation of students to improve your memory, mood, and concentration. So just try to stay calm and positive throughout the process of reviewing the material. And if you’re having a bad day, don’t let it affect how you study the day after. The point is to figure out how you can learn most effectively and stick to it diligently. And last but not least… don’t forget to reward yourself when the exams are over.

Students should also remember that they are competing with themselves just to achieve success in their life. Once they take the idea of competition with their weak points they can achieve success more quickly, they should be more focused to get good marks in science olympiad. They should identify their weak and lacking areas and can improve upon them.

National science olympiad helps in building carrier in science as it imparts students with great logical knowledge of science.

School Connect Online an integrated learning platform helps in preparing for olympiads, where students can access detailed syllabus and can prepare for NSO 2022 by practicing mock tests and sample papers. SCO with its unique learning methodology helps in learning and in identifying and working on your weak areas.

Some other Important olympiads for which students can appear are :

  • IMO (International mathematical olympiad)
  • IEO (International English olympiad)
  • Coding olympiad.
  • Artificial Intelligence Olympiad .

Students can register online at School Connect Online for olympiads 2022-2023.

Good Luck!

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