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Video Marketing For E-commerce: 4 Types Of Video Content That Will Boost Sales

These days, videos are trending in marketing, as they are well-known for building trust, increasing brand awareness, and increasing engagement. But are you aware of what kind of videos you are supposed to make? In this blog, we will discuss the 4 major types of videos that will enhance your ROI and boost your sales.

E-commerce video marketing strategies are dynamic and consist of individual elements that can be attached to your email promotional strategies and website and added to your social media advertising campaigns. You can also promote your brand, business, and products using omnichannel marketing strategies, which are the key to many a brand’s success. 

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

  1. Video turns leads and your target audience into sales

When your e-commerce marketing strategy leverages your content, your target audience is more likely to invest in your product.

It has been found that two-thirds of people watched a short video and wanted to know more about their products and services. This is more than three times as many as those who want to read the text.

Product videos can help you sell your product: 81% of video marketers said that video helped increase sales directly. While 86% of consumers said they were persuaded to buy a product or service when they watched a video of the brand.

  1. Video builds trust and engagement between you and your customers

According to a survey, 90% of people say that credibility, trust, and customer engagement are important when deciding which brands they follow and buy from. This is especially applicable to younger generations.

A video is an optimal form of digital communication. It shows what your true self is in front of your customers, which can create strong bonds between you and your audience. This is doubly valid for mobile users who watch videos on their smartphones and are motivated to purchase from what they see.

According to YouTube’s research, over 70% of YouTube’s total playtime comes from mobile devices. These customers personally feel connected to your brand through your videos twice as much as desktop users.

  1. Videos are the best kind of content to be posted on social media

Video is received well on social media and attracts more people’s attention. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter display a 10-fold extra commitment with videos showing better commitment and a high engagement rate, making it easier for customers to consider your product. At this point, it’s clear that e-commerce success is closely tied to a strong video marketing strategy.

Four Types of E-commerce Videos Necessary for Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Product Overview

Buyers want to see detailed videos about products. You can zoom in and show them a specific functional view with a close-up video, video product, or demonstrate the ability to display products from multiple angles.

Product close-up videos do not leave room for imagination and help consumers see as many details as possible to thoroughly understand what they buy.

Product overview videos center on product features and benefits. These types of videos usually feature a speaker who indicates how the product works, what its specifications are, gives solutions to commonly asked questions or hassles that the users may go through while dealing with it, and why your audience should buy it. Such content is especially useful for building product excitement.

  1. Explainer videos

Commentary or explainer videos are ranked quite high and are widely accepted by both buyers and sellers.

You can also create explanatory intro videos to describe products in a short amount of time. You must talk about the customer’s journey to solving a problem, finding a product as a solution, and achieving excellent results with the product. Many explainer videos are animated, usually ranging between 30 seconds to a minute, and can also be behind the scenes or live-action videos.

Explainer videos are not about the features and benefits of your products, but they are made to address the emotional reasons customers need a product like yours and show the results of the product.

  1. Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Social evidence is a powerful, inspiring, and influential motivation for your leads to purchase your products.

Millions of consumers across the globe trust recommendations and rely on reviews from existing customers who have dealt with your brand or who have bought your products more than all other forms of advertising. Shoppers prefer to read online reviews before believing in the company’s star rating.

They want to know exactly what customers appreciate about the product, what kind of resolution the product provided to them, and how using the product improved their lifestyle.

Customer testimonials are proof of the experience shared by real people who talk about your product and recommend to others whether they should go for it or should skip it.

Make sure that you have a good set of videos lined up wherein people are talking positively about your brand and business, which can further motivate other people to buy your products. 

  1. Product Tutorials

While the product overview gives a high-level overview of the features and benefits of the product, the product tutorial video provides step-by-step instructions on how customers can perform specific tasks on the product. This type of video is very important to buyers who are skeptical about the grandeur of marketing and who just want to get to the depth of the reality of using your products.

By creating such product tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions, and displaying an interview-based video wherein you are talking about common resolutions to consumers’ problems, you can convince them to buy your products by showing them how you can use them to achieve a particular goal. A product tutorial is an important part of your e-commerce video marketing strategy to assist your customers in using the product well.

Create videos featuring simple and easy-to-understand product tutorials; your consumers and leads are much more likely to stick around.

Integrating Video Into Your E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Now that you understand why it’s important to use video in your e-commerce marketing strategy and the types of video you can use at different stages of your customer journey,  here are some simple steps you can follow while incorporating videos:

  1. Publish these videos to social media channels. Check the technicalities, length, and dimensions that complement each platform.
  2. Add a valid and keyword-enriched description, transcription, and subtitles to your video.
  3. Create meaningful advertisements based on videos and use them to retarget your groups and generate more leads
  4. Build a stronger audience of engaged audiences, and don’t forget to monitor their video viewing statistics.
  5. Add a powerful CTA to your videos and embed them on your website, homepage, product page, or FAQ section. The videos on these pages will probably enhance the customer experience and increase the average time they spend on your website.
  6. Provide genuine resolutions and answers to the most relevant questions posted by the consumer. 
  7. Be a part of the entire customer journey, from lead capture to high intent overlays.


Use video marketing to enhance the value of your core brand. Brands have tested various techniques and have succeeded immensely through this strategy, making great ROI and improving their sales brilliantly.

You must look at what is trending in the marketing and what your competitors are doing to garner maximum customer attention. The idea is not to copy them but to adopt the best video marketing practices that you can imbibe in your campaigns.

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