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The 10 Best Creative Tips for Designing Brochures

The 10 Best Creative Tips for Designing Brochures

Are you looking for brochure design tips that will really be eye-catching? Take a look at these top tips.

Are you concerned about the design of your brochure? The experts have answered our questions, and we have compiled a series of tips so you can elevate your brochure to the next level.

Here are a few brochure templates you can choose from if you don’t want to start from scratch. You should create something that can earn you pride of place in your design portfolio if you intend to create the whole thing from scratch.

Here are our top tips for getting your business off the ground.

01. Be Aware of Your Goal Before You Begin

Think about the reasons why your clients need a brochure when considering how to design one. Have them specify the objectives they wish to achieve. Often they just want one since their previous one failed or they don’t like the way it looks. Think about exactly what they’re trying to accomplish when they create a brief for you.

02. Don’t Use Too Many Fonts

It is not necessary to use a lot of fonts when you are designing a brochure – just a font for the heading, a font for the subheading, and a font for your body copy. People think they need a font nobody has ever seen before for their headlines, yet we see it all the time. Since they often already have an identity established, clients will typically take the lead in choosing fonts.

03. Make Sure You Have Enough Paper

Before you start writing, talk about the paper stock. Ask your client if the A4 size is required if you’re working for them. For example, ask them if the uncoated paper has been considered. You can find more information about choosing paper stocks in this post.

04. Be Careful With Your Copy

Brochure design often overlooks the importance of good copywriting. The concept of copy as an integral part of the design is not understood by many. Experiment early in the brochure design process with changes to the copy if they need to be made. A headline shouldn’t simply be added after the design is complete.

05. Think of the Readers First

Consider the end purpose of the brochure when planning its design. Are you planning to post this brochure in response to requests made on the website? What happens when you leave brochures on the exhibit floor or give them away at an exhibition? Do they say anything in their entirety when they are opened? Design for the clients, not for yourself.

06. Simplify Your Sentences

Right, so you’d like to know what you can do to create a brochure that stands out. The simplest ideas can make a big difference sometimes. The client should probably scrap cliched images if they want to convey a particular point. A typographical cover might give a more literal depiction of what the author wants to say.

07. Get Your Pen and Paper Ready

Start out by drawing ideas and sketching them on the layout pads. Rather than presenting three concepts to a client to see which ones are least liked, you should share all your ideas with everyone instead of taking a brief away for two weeks.

08. Maintain What is Working

Think about how to design a brochure that gets noticed before you try being wacky or different. Many designers work on several projects using the same 10 or 20 fonts. Rockwell makes for an excellent headline font, and Helvetica is often used for design reasons.

09. Create a Positive First Impression

Designing brochures should be able to be tailored to fit the business of the client. Charities do not want expensive brochures that fool people into thinking they’ve spent a lot of money on them, while a new product might need a brochure that looks good when displayed at an exhibition.

10. Use the Correct Imagery

It is crucial to use good photos in product brochures in order to make them enjoyable to browse through. Use photographs that don’t look like their stock imagery if you’re using stock imagery – budgets rarely cover a photoshoot.

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