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Hunting Knife Buying Guide: 5 Best Hunting Knives

Everyone should own a fixed blade-hunting knife; even if you do not hunt, it is an excellent knife for protection. The fixed blade allows you to easily pull out your knife from your holster with one motion, and it will never close on you when in use; that is the whole purpose of this beautiful fixed blade knife. 

hunting knife

Five fixed blade-hunting knives everyone should own.

  1. The best for defense is the fixed-blade Bowie-style knife. 

This hunting knife is labeled “the best defense.” The length of the entire knife is 11 ¼,” and the blade is a 440 stainless steel blade that measures about five ¼”. There are also teeth serrations on the reverse blade for a better cut-through. The handle is equipped with black rubber for an enhanced grip. This knife comes with a leather snap case to hold the knife in.

Do you like the water or going to the river? 

2. The second knife on my list is the Columbia River Knife, which has an ultima 7” spear point fixed blade. This blade resembles the Bronze Age daggers that existed 4000 years ago. The handle has more than 70 triangle grips that help you hold the knife with complete control. The blade is 6.75”, 1.4116 stainless steel with a non-reflective finish, perfect for water. It comes with a Cordura Zytel sheath to hold the knife in.

3. The Leatherman Steens-S30V fixed blade hunting knife is a great hunting knife; it has a rotating handle that covers the blade for your safety and is easy to use. Incorporated in the handle is a destructive bone saw that conveniently locks in place and protects the 3.75” blade. This blade is made from S30V steel, giving the best reliable hardness accessible. It comes with a leather sheath to hold your knife in.

4. The Cold Steel Master Hunter Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is even better for hunting. This knife is built and said to be one of the best hunting knives you can buy. This knife is excellent for big game when hunting. It has a gut hook for easy dressing and a checkered Kraton grip that gives you good handling even if it is bloody or wet; it includes a black leather ConcealEx sheath.

4. Last is a knife that must be mentioned because it has always been famous is the Winchester 22-41789 Pakka Wood Large Fixed Blade Knife. This knife is excellent and is not too expensive if you are looking for something in a lower price range. 

5. The blade is stainless steel and has a fine edge and a gut hook. The handle is pakka wood that gives strength and style to the knife. This wood is a deep red colored wood that also gives the knife a sharp look. This knife is an excellent gift for someone who likes to go camping or small game hunting. It is also a good knife for first-timers because it is not too big and a classic knife.

How To Buy Skinning Hunting Knife

When choosing a skinning hunting knife, there are many things to look out for. There are a couple of questions you must ask yourself first before choosing that perfect hunting knife; What type of hunting do you do? Are you a meat hunter? Do you want a knife that is easy to carry while hunting? These are all questions that must be answered before looking for the perfect knife. Here are some other things to consider:

Folding Vs. Fixed Blade

There are basically two types of knife styles; folding and fixed blade. The fixed blade means that the blade is actually molded to the handle and is permanent. It means that blade does not have any freedom of movement. These knifes are considered stronger than folding knifes because the blade is attached to the handle. Most fixed blades hardly ever move, to the exception of a couple of brands that actually have two blades on one handle.

Folding knifes have a lock mechanism along with a pivot point. The blade can easily close into the handle upon force from the user. The fixed blade is better for someone who doesn’t hunt a lot. This is because they are not as strong as fixed knifes and are limited in their use. Despite the lesser durability of the fixed knife, they are easy to carry around and can fit into a pocket with ease. If you are going to be a dedicated hunter, then you might take rejoice in getting a fixed blade.

Blade Design

As far as the blade design goes, you really have to make a decision based on the blade. There are three main blades that are used in hunting knives; drop point, clip point and skinning designs.

Drop Point Knives-The drop point knives have a wonderful structure and design. These are good for experienced game hunters. The blade is usually curved and thick in width. It is also usually made of steel. Hunters can easily cut off the skin of a captured animal without producing damage to the meat. If you are a fisher, then you can gut meat easily with the drop point design.

Clip Point Knives– This type of knife has a thinner blade with a defined point at the tip. Most hunters would consider this knife more of a general duty tool. This type of knife is more catered to the occasional hunter.

Skinning Knives– Of course, skinning knives are more for game hunters. The design of the knife carries high sweeping blades that were made to cut the flesh from the skin. If you are a hunter that does the butchering yourself, then this is the perfect knife to use.

Gut Hook Knives

Gut hook knives comes with a gut hook. This design is created when a small incision is made within the blade. The hook is helpful for the hunter because it does not affect the quality of the meat. This type of knife only serves as an extra sense of security in keeping the meat preserved and at a high quality.

Sharpening the Hook

Other things to consider when shopping for a hunting knife are the sharpening of the hook. For this, a round file may be needed. It is best to purchase the knife first before getting the round file. This round file should make the shape and width of your knife. It is important to not sharpen the flat side of the knife.

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