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Shopify Statistics, Facts & Figures in 2024

Shopify has become a top platform in the rapidly changing e-commerce industry, enabling business owners to efficiently build and run their online stores. Let’s examine some eye-catching facts, numbers, and data about Shopify in 2023.

Shopify Store Statistics

Shopify has established itself as a top option for companies wishing to create an online presence because to its intuitive layout and comprehensive capabilities. Around the world, there are more than 1.7 million active Shopify stores as of 2023. The platform’s popularity is growing at a rate of about 50% yearly, and it is still on the rise. Shopify’s vast app store enables business owners to add different plugins and integrations to their websites to boost functionality.


Shopify Plus Store Statistics

Larger firms have embraced Shopify Plus, the enterprise-level version of the platform. Shopify Plus is presently used by over 7,000 companies for their online sales. The platform provides cutting-edge functionality, scalability, and devoted support to satisfy the intricate requirements of high-volume businesses. Shopify Plus equips businesses with the tools they need to operate more efficiently and spur growth, including multi-channel selling, personalised checkouts, and comprehensive analytics.

Shopify Merchant Statistics

By giving merchants all over the world access to a complete set of tools and resources, Shopify has transformed e-commerce. The platform has provided millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses with the tools they need to launch and manage profitable online storefronts. People with all degrees of technical knowledge use it due to its user-friendly interface, thorough documentation, and dependable customer support.

Shopify’s impressive financial performance in the fourth quarter of 2022 cemented its status as a leading global e-commerce platform. The impressive total revenue for this time frame was $1.235 billion. The platform handled a sizeable gross merchandise volume (GMV) of $48.6 billion, which represented the value of the products sold through Shopify merchants.

Shopify Revenue Statistics

The rising revenue of Shopify demonstrates its success as an e-commerce platform over time. Shopify reported having yearly sales of over $4.3 billion in 2022. The platform’s ability to meet the numerous demands of companies from different industries, along with its rising user base, contributes to this development.


Subscription Solutions Revenue

In Shopify’s revenue model, subscription services are important. Monthly subscription fees and extra services like Shopify Payments, Shopify Shipping, and Shopify Capital are part of these solutions. The revenue from subscription solutions hit $283.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2022, demonstrating the value of recurring revenue for Shopify.

How does Shopify make money?

Shopify makes money through a number of sources. Subscription fees, where customers pay monthly costs based on their chosen plan, are the main source of income. Additionally, third-party payment gateway transactions incur transaction fees, while Shopify Payments can help you avoid these costs. Additional services like Shopify Capital and Shopify Shipping offer additional revenue sources.

Which countries is Shopify popular in?

Shopify’s popularity and usage are increasing worldwide, with notable countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany showing exceptional favor towards the platform. However, Shopify has effectively widened its reach and welcomed businesses from all parts of the world because of its accessibility and localization efforts.

What is Shopify’s market share?


A substantial portion of the market for e-commerce platforms is controlled by Shopify. One of the market’s top companies, Shopify is predicted to hold a 10% market share in 2023. Other well-known platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce compete with it. Shopify’s market domination and status as a pioneer in the sector are a result of its ongoing expansion and growing user base..

Interesting Facts about Shopify

  • Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake created Shopify in 2006; at first, it was known as the online snowboard retailer Snowdevil.
  • As an e-commerce platform, Shopify’s founders changed their attention after realising the demand for an easily accessible and user-friendly website builder.
  • Users can establish excellent online stores using the website builder and e-commerce platform provided by Shopify without needing a lot of technical expertise.
  • The platform provides several theme options, safe payment channels, inventory management capabilities, marketing features, and integrations with third-party apps.
  • Shopify promotes cooperation and creativity within the Shopify ecosystem by hosting community events like Shopify Unite and providing a flourishing Partner Programmed.

In conclusion, Shopify’s statistics, facts, and figures in 2023 reflect its rapid growth, financial success, global popularity, and commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes. As an all-in-one website builder and e-commerce platform. Shopify continues to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs and businesses approach online shopify store creation and management.


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