How to reduce lag in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds kicked off the battle royal format with intense realistic 100-man combat on a massive abandoned island. More than any other battle royale game, the lag in PUBG can ruin your match by leaving you vulnerable to your opponents, especially when network issues hit you while driving a vehicle or defending attackers. For PlayerUnknon’s Battlegrounds players suffering from some serious connection issues, here is how to reduce the lag so that you can finally get your first win. reduce lag in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Make sure it is lag and not your framerate

There is a difference between network lag and a low frame rate due to performance issues. In PUBG, lag causes “rubber bands,” or when players move to a certain area only to be dragged back to where they were before. Serious connection problems can also freeze players. These issues can happen to any player regardless of their frame rate, and when lag occurs it can ruin matches.

This is not a delay. Rather, a low frame rate is due to the hardware not being able to process the demanding graphics of PUBG. how To fix lag on android PUBG Mobile., you will need to change your video settings or upgrade your hardware.

Free up internet bandwidth

PUBG relies on a constant and stable internet connection, which means you’ll need a high-speed network with lots of bandwidth to combat lag. Before connecting, make sure you have disabled all programs or websites that may be clogging your Internet connection.  Also disable any torrent services like qBittorrent, uTorrent, or Vuze, which can be incredibly taxing for a system.

Don’t forget to optimize your internet connection to play online too

If turning off Netflix and Twitch didn’t help your connection, it may be time to completely reset your internet network. Try unplugging the router from its electrical outlet and plugging it back in after 20 seconds. Then after restoring your connections, go to PUBG and see if the game is still lagging on the network.

Alternatively, you can also purge your DNS cache to help troubleshoot your network problems. This clears your internet cache and forces it to rebuild common connections, which could end up solving your PUBG lag issues.

Play in your closest region

PUBG allows players to jump to various regions around the world, but players who choose a region on the other side of the world may experience some serious networking issues. If you live in the US and want to play PUBG but are experiencing high lag, try sticking to North American servers, as even regions as close as South America or Europe can give US players an extensively high ping. Further, if you play without your region. you have faced the high ping issue. Do you know how to fix ping problem on PUBG Mobile?

The PUBG Server Ping website allows users to track their connection to PUBG Corporation servers around the world, from Frankfurt to Singapore and Tokyo.

Make sure the servers are working properly

Sometimes lag and other internet issues have nothing to do with your network connections. Rather, PUBG may experience server issues and even blackouts from time to time, so if your connection is optimized but suddenly plagued by server disconnections and ‘network delay detected’ warnings, then the problem may lie with PUBG Corporation. reduce lag in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Consider using Haste

If the problem is not the PUBG servers or your region, there is an additional option that we suggest trying. Consider using Haste, a program that helps users combat lag in multiplayer games. Haste uses custom protocols and proprietary route optimization coding. That helps gamers connect to the Internet and keep their connection. At the highest possible speed, reducing network lag in the process. It’s a nifty program and it started supporting PUBG late last year.

To start using Haste and reduce your lag in the game. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial on the official website of the program. If your free trial ends up fixing your PUBG network problems, you can download the free version or buy Haste Pro for $ 9.99 a month.

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