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Guide to Amazon Posts: Is It Right For Your Brand

You won’t be able to determine if this tool is right and suitable for your brand until you actually use it. Amazon Posts is a great social media tool if you have the time and bandwidth to explore new opportunities

What does this leave us? It is hard to resist the lure of a new social media platform.

Your resources, your tolerance of uncertainty and your brand identity will all play a role in the answer. Some brands are more suited to social media, timelines, and updates, while others don’t. This may be a good option if you have the funds and are open to trying new marketing strategies.

What Are Amazon Posts?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Amazon and Instagram had a baby? I don’t know about you, but that’s Amazon Posts.

There is potential here for amazingness… but there’s also the potential for the next Google+. Are you still not familiar with Google+? That’s exactly my point.

What are Amazon Posts, you ask? Amazon Posts, according to Amazon, is a “visual storytelling platform within the US Amazon mobile shopping experience.” This new method allows Amazon sellers to show curated content of their brands in a natural, non-intrusive way. It is similar to social media.

Who Can Use Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is currently in beta. It is only available to US residents. This feature is completely free. To make it work for you, however, you will need to register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry and be either a vendor or active Amazon DSP advertiser.

Before you dive deeper into Amazon Posts’ opportunities, ensure that your store is associated with your brand’s Seller Central (seller account) or Advertising Console (vendor).

You must also have an amazon brand store that is linked to your brand’s name on the product detail pages.

Where Do Your Customers Find Amazon Posts?

What are Amazon Posts? These posts can be found in many places. These posts appear in a carousel display on detail pages and feeds based on relevancy and customer engagement.

  • Brand-owned detail pages. Amazon Posts are displayed between the Questions and Recommended sections. They allow shoppers to discover other products from your brand.
  • Your competitors’ detail pages. This is a great way for your product to be displayed on the pages of your competitors. Your competitors’ products may also be displayed on your page.
  • Feeds are curated content from a brand. Click on Amazon Post to see a vertical feed with related posts below yours and vice versa.
  • Feeds for products from related categories. Category-based feeds are the posts that Amazon tags as similar.

Are you able to select where your posts are published? No. Amazon is the final destination.

When a shopper taps a brand, they are taken to the brand’s content feed. It appears that the engagement has ended at this point (still beta, remember).

These posts can only be seen by users on carousels or in feeds of related posts. Users have no engagement options other than to click through to the product. This means that there is no way for users to interact in the same way as friends or followers on other social media platforms.

Amazon Posts doesn’t allow commenting, liking or voting. Posts, in this sense, are not social as we know.

Tips to Help You Start With Amazon Posts

Here are some tips for making the most of Amazon Posts.

  • Are you already into social media? You’re already into social media? Do not post a copy of what you have posted elsewhere. Keep in mind your audience. Amazon is not about sharing or conversation, but selling. Find what works and adapt it to your audience.
  • Take your product with you and befriend it. Imagine you’re on the road and need to introduce your product in another country. Take a picture of the product in action, such as the Travelocity gnome. Find your brand’s personality to create your own version.
  • You can add posting to your routine tasks if you are an organizer and a creature who is accustomed to doing things the same way. If you have a weekly goal to pay your bills, make sure to post a quick note on the same day.
  • Amazon Posts is still available for those who don’t like posting social media content. This is a great opportunity to make a sale. You might only post before holidays or for product launches.

Amazon Posts is a beta opportunity. It is not required or even proven. You shouldn’t feel pressured into doing it.

There is no right or wrong way. It’s up to you to decide what makes sense. only if you have the time. Amazon Posts is an excellent addition to your list, but it shouldn’t be the first thing on your agenda or on your social media schedule.

Reasons to Give Amazon Posts a Try

Amazon Posts are free for qualified brands. There are still reasons to consider Amazon Posts, even though they may be less than impressive. It doesn’t have to be a big winner just because it isn’t immediately obvious.

This experience was available to brick-and-mortar shops using Google Posts. The capability was not immediately understood by anyone. Soon, creativity took over and new opportunities for conversion were discovered. This could be you or your brand!

1: You Want To Increase Your Reach and Impressions 

Whatever way you slice it, if you have products that are readily available and people are looking for them, and you can link the product to the person, then you’ve got a high chance of conversion. This new browsing and discovery experience centered on brand-shopping can be a great tool for branding and social media.

  • Increase your brand recognition
  • Lifestyle imagery can be used to promote your products and brands.
  • Your personality should be displayed to your audience.
  • As an extension of your online marketing reach

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2: You’re Always Testing and Looking for the Amazon Advantage

It is important to run a low risk test before you go all in. The numbers will tell you what you should do next. There are metrics, and that is a good thing! Amazon Posts lets brands view clicks, impressions, and click throughs for featured products.

This allows you to test different products and ideas to find what resonates with customers. Amazon Posts doesn’t work the same way as your product detail pages, which have very strict requirements regarding images and copy. 

Amazon Posts allows you to be creative and catchy and lets you know how people perceive your product. Although you may believe that everyone wants to see your pet’s iguana model something from your latest reptile tiara, the data could prove otherwise.

3: You Have Resources 

Resources don’t always mean you have money to spend. Consider your time and effort, where you’re most productive and how much money you can experiment with. You may be able, if you have an established presence on another social media channel you can repackage your content to Amazon Posts without spending too much time or sweat equity.

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