Defining and Exploring Kraft Favor Boxes: Benefits of Kraft Favor Boxes

These boxes are very beneficial to make your moments more memorable by packing and distributing smaller gifts and sweets to each other. You can more elegantly present your sweets and gifts to the guests that will give a good impression to the receiver, which will increase your happiness. But do you know everything about these boxes?

If not, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, I will provide the necessary information about these favor boxes; what are they? What are their types? And what are their benefits? So, keep reading!

What Are Kraft Favor Boxes?

This box is a kind of paper container that can be used to hold small gifts. Kraft boxes are typically made with white Kraft paper and come in different sizes. Kraft Boxes Wholesale are easily available in the market, so you can order them in bulk quantity. These types of boxes are popular for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, or any other celebration where you need a little extra something to give your guests as they leave.

Types of Favor Boxes

There are different kinds of Kraft favor boxes that come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose any of the boxes as per your personal choice. Some of the famous favor boxes:

1)   Pyramid Design

This is a commonly used type of favor boxes. These boxes are shaped in a pyramid shape and come with round corners. The size varies from small to large, depending on the event that you’re hosting.

These favor boxes can be filled with all sorts of goodies for your guests like chocolates, candies, flowers, or gift cards (for restaurants). They make it easy to distribute favors among people as they walk away from an existing party and depart home.

2)   Window Boxes

Kraft Window Boxes Wholesale are usually made using Kraft paper and come in different sizes, from tiny to extra-large. These boxes have cutout windows that allow glimpses into their contents. So, visitors will know what’s inside before opening them up at your venue or during transportation. This is another popular type of Kraft favor packaging.

These boxes can be used to hold shortbread cookies, candies, or chocolates. They are handy for serving when you want a variety of different sweets that people can sample at their leisure.

Moreover, these packings also work well as small gift packs and favor bags with candy, nuts, popcorn kernels, a chocolate bar, and more inside. It’s like having an Easter egg hunt wherever your event is held!

3)   Two-Piece Boxes

These boxes are Kraft boxes that have an outer cover and then a separate Kraft box inside. A two-piece Kraft favor box can be used to hold candies, cookies, nuts, or other small treats.

These boxes are easy to open, so they give a pleasing unboxing experience to the receiver. Moreover, you can decorate these boxes easily by adding littles props like ribbons or paper flowers, etc.

4)   Gable Shaped Favor Boxes

These Kraft boxes are a favorite because of their shabby chic style. They’re often used for wedding favors or other large events where many people will receive the package.

The Kraft box is much more personal than traditional favor gift bags, and you can find these in groups at stores like Target, Walmart, Michael’s Crafts, Michaels Arts & Supplies, Amazon- which makes it easy to buy as many as you might need without going broke on shipping costs!

There are many other types of favor boxes in the market. Moreover, packaging companies give you the option of custom boxes which you can order according to your desired dimensions, shapes, and designs.

Benefits of Kraft Favor Boxes

It Puts a Positive Impression on the Receiver’s Mind

These boxes are used to present the gifts in the best possible way, and they do this job perfectly. Kraft favor boxes put a good impression on the receiver’s mind. He / She not only sees the gift but also feels its quality.

The appearance of Kraft paper is special and appealing as it has a glossy sheen on top with an elegant texture to it- this makes Kraft favor boxes stand out from other types of packaging material and leaves people feeling happy when they receive them.

Adds Value to Your Gifts

Kraft favor boxes add value to your gifts. Kraft paper is strong and durable- it can handle pressure, so these Kraft gift boxes are able to hold heavy items like jars of honey or bottles of wine without any issue. The presentation inside the Kraft box makes people feel more comfortable with their purchase because they know that they will not have a problem carrying this favorite home.

The Kraft wrapping adds an extra layer of protection for fragile goods as well as giving them a simple yet elegant look when opened in front of someone, such as children who may be less appreciative if given something brightly colored.

Make Your Moments Special for Everyone

It makes the moments more memorable for the people who have joined in celebrating your happy moments like weddings, or birthdays, etc. Kraft paper and Kraft favor boxes are perfect for these events because they match the theme you have set inside of your party.

These Boxes Are Very Budget-Friendly

Kraft wrapping is very inexpensive when it comes to cost per square foot, which means that not only will you be able to wrap your prizes in Kraft but also add extra flair with ribbon or lace, making them even more special.


Kraft favor boxes come in handy when there isn’t enough time to order personalized gifts from an online store that specializes in them. Not only do they look beautiful together, but they are also very affordable. So, Kraft favor boxes are perfect for any occasion.

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