How to keep the handheld terminals for your business

Handheld terminals are used every day by businesses in many important places. These portable computers can be a big help in running a warehouse because they are easy to use. But just because a handheld terminal works well right out of the box doesn’t mean that it will be able to meet the needs of every business. The software on your company’s handheld terminals may become old over time. Or, your terminals may not be set up right to do certain jobs. This is before you think about how much your devices have broken down over time.

What do you need to know to make sure your business’s handheld terminals are always up-to-date?

Do your terminals have the latest and best software?

If you are in charge of maintaining handheld terminals for your company, one of your main goals may be to make sure they have the most recent and useful software. Going to the website of the company that makes the handheld terminal is a good idea. If you have a Zebra device, for example, the company’s website makes it easy to look through different types of devices like mobile computers and barcode scanners and find the right drivers, software, and firmware.

It’s easy to use the site to look for software solutions like Android USB drivers, USB CDC driver drivers, device trackers, and diagnostic tools. The same goes for the site of the company that makes your handheld devices.

How will you make sure your terminals stay up-to-date as time goes on?

This article might have made it sound like you can update your business’s mobile devices “as needed.” People who use the device might notice that it needs the most recent software. Or, they might just make it a habit to check the manufacturer’s website often. If your company wants to get the most out of its devices, you will need to make more formal plans.

You could also teach your employees how to update and secure their handheld terminals. This policy might be good for small businesses with only a few workers. Businesses might be better off if device updates were done in one place. It might be good for your business to automate some or all of this. You could set up the software to let users know when it needs to be updated, or you could use an automated tool to do the updating for you.

You may need to fix or replace a piece of furniture at some point. Your handheld terminals may give you trouble while they are working. Some problems, like not being able to get barcode scanning software to work with a certain barcode, might have nothing to do with the hardware or software. This could be because the barcode was too small or because the device wasn’t used right.

Reading the troubleshooting manuals doesn’t always make it easy to find the source of the problem, though. If there is no software or support tool for your handheld terminal, these problems could force you to get a new one. But you should talk to someone who knows how to fix your device the best way. The company Mobile Computer Repair specializes in fixing handheld terminals. They might save you money and trouble over the life of the device.

Some ways to improve your business

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