Especial training brain puzzle game – The Impossible Quiz

Playing the Impossible Quiz just like when playing a sport.  You not only practice health but also feel happy and relieve stress. Puzzles too, the first and foremost benefit is entertainment. People enjoy discovering and solving problems while at the same time educating themselves. This is also a fun way to learn compared to dry lectures. That often do not interest learners and hinder understanding the essence of the problem.

1, Overview of Impossible quiz game

Splapp-me-do and his team created and developed Impossible Quiz (IQ) game and it was released in 2017 as a Flash Online. Right from the time it was released this game has been well received by many players because of its uniqueness and its interesting.

Impossible quiz game is an extremely fun judgment game. IQ game will give you challenging questions and your job is to choose the most correct answer. But the questions in the quiz game are very special, it is not the usual hard questions about academic knowledge but small multiple choice questions, fun quizzes.

The puzzles will be able to make you feel surprised because its answers are in an unexpected place. For example, when the first question gives the smallest number and gives 4 answers like 3,4,5 ,6 if normally the answer you choose will definitely be 3 but not with the quiz. The correct answer is number 1, which is your first question. There is no limit to the quiz at all.

Although the game is impossible, in fact, if you know the rules of it, everything will become not difficult at all. All you need to do is think fast and relax with this game.

2, Highlight

Instead of having to immerse in learning to acquire knowledge, quizzes are one of the ways to help you acquire knowledge actively. Have fun while learning without getting bored. Puzzles is a fun and effective way of learning for everyone. You can understand the essence of the problem with the game, without having to learn dry theory as usual.
With 110 puzzles impossible quiz will ask a lot of questions related to many areas of life, the knowledge of nature and society. Because of this, puzzles have a great use in educating children, helping them explore the world in an interesting and natural way. And not only children but also adults will learn valuable lessons by answering the impossible quizzes.
With witty and humorous puzzles, you will get a more comprehensive and objective view of the world. The Impossible Quiz helps you break out of your conventional thinking and establish a new, expansive, and multidimensional way of thinking.

In addition, quizzes have a great effect that you may not know. It is a quiz that is considered as a method of psychotherapy. Psychologists have used puzzles as a method of therapy and psychological recovery because they help people relax their minds and use their brains optimally. So quizzes has a great effect in helping you relax and recharge after a long tiring day and train your brain.

Today there are many games that help you train your brain without having to go to professional psychotherapy rooms. People have the opportunity to access the internet or download apps to smartphones and play brain training games anytime and anywhere.

Unlike playing sports, we don’t have to join any gym or medical clinic to get brain training puzzles. But there is also the problem that the fun quizzes we find are often duplicated and not very entertaining and practicing. We often come across the same quizzes or the next day we go online and we don’t know how far we’ve come. So impossible quiz is one of the most fascinating finishing games that you should not miss.

3, Tip for puzzles

Impossible quiz game has a system of quizzes including 110 questions about different issues. You will have to answer questions from easy to difficult in many different meanings, tricks, and puns. So you have to use your knowledge carefully to answer the question. Question can be asked can  be any type of question such as:  silly trick question, general knowledge or logic quizzes.

If you use computer  use mouse to choose the correct answer.

If you use iphone or ipad directly touch the result of your choice.

There are 4 answers for you to choose, of which only 1 is completely correct. Pay attention to the time in the game and try to give the answer in the allotted time to achieve a high score.

There are 4 choice of answer for you. Think carefully and chose correct answer, click “ skip” to pass it and next to other question. However you only allowed  to next new answer 7 times . If you answer wrong  more than 3 time you will have to start from the beginning

4, Attraction of Impossible Quiz Game

The attraction of impossible game is that the questions it poses are extremely special, have meanings and tricks. That makes answering quizzes so easy and fun. Although you do not need to be too knowledgeable about the real fields. you can completely complete the game excellently by grasping its rules and ways of thinking.

The second point is that the feature of IQ game is extremely beautiful and interesting. The decorations are very funny and cool such as: light bulb (initiative), brain (intellectual), … All attract players at first sight. Features of Impossible quiz game beautiful, unique and attractive with interesting interface on funny background music.

5, Conclusion

Impossible game is an extremely fun game for everyone. When playing this game, you will experience the feeling of brainstorming before difficult questions, questions of logic and high inference. Besides, the quizzes will also bring the most comfortable and fun moments for you. Besides entertainment, impossible games also help players improve their judgment, logical thinking and creativity… From there, people will have a new perspective on the world around them, Expand your horizons and see the world more beautiful

You can play with friends, everyone answers the quiz together. Surely Impossible is a great choice for you and your friends

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