Why Primary Schools Focus on Self Development

There is always room for self-improvement in every individual and we can develop ourselves a lot in many areas. We also create a list of things we need to do or want to improve in ourselves or add to our life that can bring value to us. But most of the time we are unable to do that and the reasons can be endless from laziness to lack of determination, discipline, or courage.

For example:- You want to be fit and therefore plan to get up early every morning for jogging but you do it properly for 2 days and the enthusiasm is knocked off from the 3rd day onwards.. Every morning there is a lack of motivation and you give one or the other excuses for not getting up. You are not motivated enough to keep your body fit in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and you end up taking your fitness goals for granted due to this lack of motivation.

Solutions by Primary School in Dubai that help students in self-development

It is said it is healthy to introspect oneself each day as to what was their conduct that day. Whether their actions were like Animals or Good humans?

Actions to fulfill desires are common among animals and humans. But animals do not think before fulfilling their desire but humans do think twice before doing anything.

For eg:- When a cow sees green grass, they start eating, they do not think about whether the field belongs to the owner or not.

Humans, always think in three ways:-

  1. To do
  2. Not to do
  3. Do it in another way

Humans think in this way and in the process improve themselves or work on self-development.

Dubai International School suggests having a thoughtful understanding of things that needs to be worked upon, a person will try to accomplish it by taking the actions which are helpful to reach the goal and finding the solutions for obstacles that might come in between accomplishing the goal.

This introspection of what to avoid and what to retain develops good values in us.

It will not be done in one introspection, it is developed over a period.

Things to do

Help your child in introspect themselves from childhood, the earlier the better as it will help them to know themselves better. If you fail to address a child’s emotional needs at the right time it can be a hindrance such as a lack of self-awareness, sadness, anxiety, and insomnia for them in later years.

So, how do you instill self-love in your children and the communication approach to be used in order to build self-awareness and a positive self-image?


Pay attention, listen to them when they come to you, take time from your busy schedule and talk to them and try to understand them. Address their issue then and there. If you find them distressed, don’t try to distract them, instead address their emotions regarding things.

How to Teach Your Child About Self Development?


As we said, it is necessary to teach them earlier about self-love, accepting oneself, and being kind. Because the earlier they start seeing their self-worth, the better they will treat themselves with love and respect.

Practice yourself

Children practice what they see, so make sure to follow what you preach. Teachers of Dubai International School are role models for children and they develop a solid foundation of self-love in them.

Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement Must be Balanced

It is necessary to teach them self-acceptance but at the same time keep working to improve. Encourage them to explore, experiment and provide freedom to do the same. Ask them to share their story or journey with their friends and family.

Help them in recognizing their Strengths

Ask them what they like to do or observe what they are drawn to most of the time.

Help them to identify their strengths or interests. It can be anything from arts to dance skills or their wonderful nature of helping others. Teach them the perspective of attractiveness that is beyond their appearance. Check if your child’s friends are supportive, as it can affect them, in case they do not have it. The support of peers and family members is necessary.

Determine Areas of Improvement

Help them in identifying areas of improvement, and guide them on how to improve. Help them in creating strategies, be their support in every step, and encourage them.


Self-development is not being the smartest or most attractive, instead, it means improving oneself each day and growing. Self-development gives a reason to work hard and live a meaningful life

Primary School in Dubai suggests the best way to teach self-development is by modelling positive behaviours, giving them the attention they need, addressing their emotional needs and self-esteem issues, communicating and regular encouragement.


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