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This tropical city is the hidden gem of Queensland. The city has been turning up the heat in recent years and offers breathtaking experiences that no one would ever forget. Cairns is an area that is situated on the very top of the sunshine state and is mostly overlooked by travelers. Other popular destinations act as travel inspiration for travelers such as the gold coast and port Douglas. However, if you add visiting this city to your journey planner then you would be amazed. The sleeping city has a lot to offer. The city is perfect for everyone whether they are avid adventurers or adrenaline junkies.

Here we have put together a list of the best activities that you can perform in the city.

Explore the giant barrier reef

If you visit the cairns then chances are your travel inspiration has been the Great Barrier Reef. Going to cairns and not visiting the reef is the same as going to Sydney and refusing to look at Sydney opera house. When you visit this city, you will have a chance to explore the largest coral reef system in the world.

You can fully immerse yourself while exploring the beautiful underwater universe. There are several ways to visit the reef system. It is up to your liking to decide how you want to visit the reef system. You can take a boat that has a glass bottom to visit the reefs. You can observe a wide variety of marine life dancing in the ocean near the coral reef system.

Take a stroll through the cairns botanical gardens

Walking through a garden has never been on the journey planner of most people. However, the botanical garden of cairns is special. This garden was built in 1886. The sole purpose of making the garden was to allow locals and tourists to enjoy the flora and fauna of cairns.

There are a lot of gardens that you can visit in the botanical garden. You can go to the Aboriginal plant use garden or you can go to the Zhanjiang friendship garden. No matter which garden you choose you will end up walking in breathtaking sounds, smells, and sights. If you want to learn more about the botanical garden then you can take a guided walking tour.

Get your adrenalines pumping at the zoom and wildlife dome

Most people like the idea of getting their heart rates up, however, they are afraid of sky-diving. If you happen to belong to this category then you can go to the zoom and wildlife dome. This is situated on the very top of the reef hotel-casino. The inner part has a combination of terrifying and exciting high ropes with a family-friendly wildlife park.

If you want to cuddle koalas then the dome will give you the opportunity. The high ropes courses would get your heart pumping and at the same time, you would learn a lot about the wildlife. One of the high lines goes over a saltwater crocodile.

Play around in fairy falls

There is no other place to swim like fairies apart from the home of fairies. When you are in north Queensland there is no need of listening to anybody. You can chase waterfalls if you want. The fairy falls is situated in a wet tropic rainforest that is a 25 minutes’ drive from cairns CBD.

Thanks to the stunning waterfalls, the area has one of the most Instagram-worthy picture locations. It doesn’t matter whether you want to sit somewhere in peace or want to go for a dip in cool water, you must visit this place.

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