5 Free WordPress Plugins for every website

The secret behind improving your WordPress website is only by adopting the best free WordPress plugins. It makes your website smart and definitely going to evolve in every operation. You may have a question like so many plugins which one to choose, why only adapt free plugins, etc? Right? Spending zero amount and getting mind-blowing functionalities is everyone’s requirement and numerous businesses adopt those tools, so why not you? The article will share a complete insight guide related to the plugins of WordPress and their top-grade features. 

What is a WordPress Plugin?

A plugin or software that entails new functionalities and features to your website and makes it more powerful. All these extensions will offer the best hooks and filters that assist the developers to modify the entire functionality or new features as well. 

To install the plugin via Dashboard

  • Click on Add New option in the Plugin section of the dashboard 
  • Search the name of the Plugin
  • Click on Install Now
  • Tap on Activate option

To uninstall the plugin via Dashboard

  • Go to your Installed Plugin and click on Deactivate option 
  • The next step is to click on Delete

What to see before choosing any Plugin for WordPress?

Before getting distracted by all the bells and whistles, let us inform you of the things to know before putting your hands on any extension. 

  • First off, check the Review of a plugin. We know most growth-minded companies believe in checking the reviews and then plan to use them for business handling. We also think the same for you all. A user chooses to give closer attention to the entire review and find out whether the daily users are giving good reviews or bad. Make decisions according to that.
  • Checking the Installation is the second step. Why choose those plugins which have the least installation as compared to those ultimate products that get installed daily on WordPress websites? The more installation an extension gets, the more valuable and trustworthy the extension is for your website. 
  • The next thing to look at is updates and compatibility. See, it’s wonderful to know when a developer updates the plugin regularly. You will not stay fret regarding anything then. But when there is no update it gives a red signal to your website. We are sure that you understand whether to adapt that plugin or not. 

List of WordPress plugins that don’t need any investment

Free plugins don’t mean the functionalities are not smarter for your website. Have a look at the top free WordPress plugins that are worthy-

  • MonsterInsights Lite 

The most basic requirement of a business is to know how the visitors found them. So, we are going to help you here by introducing a plugin called MonsterInsights Lite. You can check out the complete list there. Even it will help you connect your website with the Google Analytics account. The plugin is Free of cost. 

  • All In One SEO

Research says more than 2 million websites are using this rich tool because the extension is loaded with magnificent features. You can enhance your experience by using the features like automatic meta tags, Smart XML Sitemaps, Woocommerce SEO, etc. This Free plugin is the best alternative to Yoast SEO.

  • TrustPulse

Looking for the best tool regarding conversion and sales soar? No need to search for other plugins when we are going to share about TrustPulse. The tool shares the FOMO, which means Fear of Missing out that gives more leads via social proof. The customization is superb, easy for businesses to track live activity, the functionality of visual builder, and more. 

  • HubSpot

This free effective WordPress plugin is a cinch to use plus it can sync with dozens of applications to save you time. Research says more than 800+ applications are there that are integrated with HubSpot. One of the most crucial functions of HubSpot is syncing with Live chat and form submission. All in one place eases your efforts. 

  • WooCommerce

Talking about the best plugins of WordPress then how can we not mention WooCommerce? The most renowned in the market is flexible and can make everything easier for integrating with other tremendous apps. The tool can even offer live sale notifications that may help you to boost your online income. 

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