How to Add Video to Amazon Listing

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We will be focusing on Amazon sellers and uploading product videos via A+ content in Seller Central.

It is easy to add a video to a product list.

  • Go to your Seller Central Account.
  • Click on Inventory.
  • Select Upload & Manage Videos from the dropdown.
  • Select your video file by clicking the Upload Video button
  • Enter a title, and any ASINs that relate to the video.
  • Choose a thumbnail (preview picture) to view the video.
  • To send your video to Amazon, click the submit button.

Sometimes, the review process takes up to a week. The status of the video will change from “live” to approved once it has been approved. 

As long as the video is not more than six images, it should be available on the product detail pages of ASINs related to it within two days.

What should I consider when planning pre-production for a video?

Planning and pre-production are key to success in all forms of video productions, no matter if it’s for your brand or Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster.

It is important to think carefully about how your brand and product will be presented in your product video. Also, consider the information you would like to include.

  • What is the positioning of your brand? How will it be presented in production? Are you looking for something high-end, or something that is affordable to the masses?
  • What are the benefits and features of the product? 
  • How to make your product more appealing to customers so they want to purchase it?
  • How can you answer customers’ questions in the video?
  • Do there exist amazon product variations? These product variations will need to be shown in separate videos, or can they all be combined into one video? (Learn more about amazon product variations and how to add amazon product variations to your listing by reading SellerApp’s amazon product variations blog.

To showcase your products, you are creating a product video. You’ll want to ensure that your branding is consistent throughout the entire process.

What are the various types of Amazon product videos

These are the most common types of video used by Amazon for products.

1. Video highlighting product highlights

This video is simple and clear, and it focuses solely on the product. You can have a simple 360-degree view of the product against a white background, or you might want a more detailed video that includes close-ups of the product being used.

2. Video testimonials from customers

This video shows the product being used by customers. It helps potential buyers better understand the product and what it can do.

3. Explainer video

This video is focused on the benefits and solutions it offers customers. This video is all about a compelling script and persuasive copy, regardless of whether it’s spoken aloud or displayed on the screen.

4. Comparison video

This video compares the product to other products or shows what would happen if the customer didn’t have the product in their lives.

This works well when many products are being sold in the same category. Your version can solve key problems or have other important differences that buyers will be interested to know.

While you don’t need to mention rival products, you can explain how other products have difficult to grip handles or parts that move loosely, and then show how your product addresses those issues.

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