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The Exclusive Tips to Buy School Lockers

A school is a wholesome place for giving shape to the skill set of pupils. Therefore, creating a healthy and secure environment that offers a homely feeling is extremely important. Having a personal locker on the school premises grants much-required comfort and security to the students. As school premises are a very crowded place, it is necessary to have a tough storage facility. School lockers play a pivotal role in solving storage issues along with giving aesthetic look to the premises.

A wide range of school lockers is available in the UK market. It can be customised based on compartments, colors, door options, charging facilities, lock devices, materials, etc. The school has to decide the right fit for students based on their requirements. Students can easily store various things such as study material, electric equipment, personal belongings, clothes, sports items, and many more in the locker. Hence, it is advisable to analyse these aspects before purchasing school lockers. In this article, you will get some essential tips to make the right decision about buying school lockers.

Choose the Right Material

Mainly, there are two different types of materials used to build the school locker: metal and plastic. Plastic school lockers are an affordable, strong, and well-built storage facility. It is precisely designed to be placed outdoors due to its exclusive feature of moisture resistance. Metal lockers mostly come in lamination, which protects this locker from harmful bacteria and dust. It is a relatively costly option in comparison to plastic lockers. However, a laminated metal locker is an ideal choice if you want to provide an in-house storage solution with premium features.

The Number of Compartments

Is it required to store things which can cover the full height of the locker? Or there must be multiple compartments for storing various things? Firstly, these questions have to be analysed and the number of compartments in the school locker should be determined. Generally, there is an option of placing up to 16 compartments in one locker. If the majority of things to be placed in the locker are small in size, then the school should choose a greater number of compartments.

Flat and Sloping Tops

School lockers come in either flat top or sloping top. Both tops are offered at different prices. The flat top is the most common top type equipped in school lockers for a long period. However, the sloping top is a modern locker design prevailing today. It is a convenient and more user-friendly design. The top of the school locker can be easily cleaned due to its downward slope. The sloping top prevents the piling up of miscellaneous things on the top of the locker. As a result, it is the most reliable option for keeping school premises neat and clutter-free.

The Door Type

The most confusing decision while purchasing school lockers is to select the type of door. Inset doors and overlay door types are typically offered with school lockers. Firstly, inset doors are well-known in the market for their highly durable functioning. It is nearly impossible to harm or break this type of door because of its robustness. Secondly, overlay doors are the perfect match if you have minimal security requirements. This type of door is built in a metal frame, which gives an iconic look to the whole school locker.

Right Lock for Security

Numerous lock types are sold in the market which makes school lockers more secure and reliable storage facilities. The most common types of locks are Cam Lock, Combination Lock, and Hasp Lock. A combination lock is a highly authentic lock types as students need to remember the 3 or 4-digit code to open the locker. Additionally, no key is required to access this type of locker. Hasp locks and cam locks are slightly less secure options in comparison to the combination locks.

An Advanced Laptop Charging Locker

How critical is a laptop to students at your school? If you consider laptops to be an integral study appliance, then a laptop charging school locker is crucial. Throughout the day, a laptop is significant to work on a variety of projects in education institutions. Hence, a secure place is required to charge the laptop on the premises. Students can charge the equipment while keeping it safe through the in-built power pin in the school lockers. This is certainly a more expensive option, but it provides students with a high level of comfort. They do not have to unnecessarily stress about keeping their valuable asset safe.

Color-Coding of School Locker

The color and design of the school locker must match the interior of the room where it will be placed. A range of colors such as black, blue, green, yellow, white, red, and silver grey are offered for customising the door of the school lockers. The locker body comes in black, white, and silver grey colors. Moreover, check the dimensions of the locker and measure the space of the room to determine if it can precisely fit in the room or not. Selecting the wrong color or design of the school locker might deteriorate the aesthetic of the whole room.


The school lockers can induce a sense of responsibility and ownership in students of various age groups. Due to the wide selection range and insufficient knowledge of a school locker, there are chances of purchasing an unsuitable locker. The aforementioned tips can help you in making the right purchase decision without any blunders.

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