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Gain Popularity With Your Blog or Site In No Time

Gain Popularity With Your Blog or Site In No Time – Is it possible to be able to emerge with a new blog and get traffic and visitors in no time? Let’s try to understand it together, in this article in which I talk about insurance  blogs,  visitors,  traffic, and social networks, good reading.

Browsing through the old INSURANCE NOON articles, rereading them, and updating them based on the experience gained over the years is a long but very stimulating process, which makes me understand how much, over the years, I have learned about the world of web marketing and communication. digital and blogging.

This article, for example, originally written some time ago, today takes on a completely different aspect, also in light of the publication of my recent book in which I share my blogging strategy which allowed me to generate more than € 30,000 in commissions in 10 months 

Gain popularity with the blog in a short time: How to do it?

In light of the experience gained during these years, in my opinion, the ways to get  popularity or  visits on your blog in a short time are:

  • Take advantage of social networks  (and in particular Facebook): an article or viral content can generate an impressive amount of traffic on your blog, especially if you can share viral  content that maybe initially “Push” using Facebook Ads;
  • Take advantage of SEO: it takes some time, but with a series of On-Site and Off-Site SEO activities Combined with an effective writing style you can get a lot of traffic and targeted visitors;
  • Talking about hot topics: hot topics and newsjacking are two very effective techniques to get popularity and traffic in a short time 
  • Being popular: it is clear that those who are already established online or offline (think of the comedians who become famous through Facebook pages or all the radio and TV stars) create blogs and manage to create a following in a short time

How to increase blog visits?

The truth is this: everyone would like to know are the secrets to increase the visits to a blog, possibly in a short time.

As you will read below, in the original version of this article, when I started blogging, I also thought that  to get more visits on the blog was enough:

  • Quality content 
  • Link building
  • Comment marketing (leave comments around the blogs of the same topic)

Content is the king, but now  Distribution is the Queen! A great tip to get more visibility in a short time is to intelligently share your content online: using  Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus (even if they tell you that Google Plus is dead)!

To obtain better results, the ideal would be to share quality content and information, create credible and authoritative social profiles that people want to follow, and not simply “share your articles”: on social networks, you need to build relationships, and not promote yourself as if there was no tomorrow!

Also remember to insert the social buttons in your blog in an intelligent way: not only at the beginning or at the end of the articles, but also in the center! Invite users to share if they find your content useful, in this way you can have free visibility, but only if your content offers unique and interesting information!

Do you want to increase visits to your blog? Then you should take advantage of  Keyword Research the truth is that those who get a lot of traffic exploit the most searched keywords (or, as they say in jargon, that have a  volume search ) to get more traffic and therefore more visitors.

It is not said that the topic or article you want to write will be searched, and it is not said that what you think “of little interest” actually is, that’s why good Keyword Research can make a difference on your blog!

I hope this article and these tips have been useful to you, I invite you to share the article, comment, and follow me on social media!

Good work and good money online,

Hundreds and hundreds of bloggers write articles on how to gain popularity and suggest:

– write quality articles

– write periodically

– comment on other blogs on the same theme as ours

– subscribe to aggregators

I recommend this too but I realize that there is a saying that says exactly how popularity works everywhere.

Have you ever heard: “Speak badly, speak well, the important thing is that you talk about it?” Here, from what I understand it is also the same for the world of blogs.

Now you are wondering what I meant by the last sentence  I’ll explain right away, simply, what I meant.

If you have been around the blogosphere for some time you have certainly heard of John Chow…Well…everyone talks about him badly, but everyone posts the link to John’s blog in their blog. So what does he get? An immense amount of backlinks while saying that he created a junk blog himself just to make money and now he enjoys advising on how to make money online.

Gaining popularity can be a double-edged sword. To gain popularity in a short time, many write about “hot” topics and then trigger heated discussions in the comments, many others, myself included, try to give clear, precise, simple and effective information … and wait for some reader, maybe you, to insert a small link on your blog or site indicating it as your favorite site or blog.

In this way, you show that you appreciate what I write and, if you also subscribe to my feeds, I assure you that you will not regret it. 😉

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