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Reasons Why Funerals Are Necessary and How It Helps Us Cope with Grief

The death of a loved one is one of the hardest parts of life. Just the thought of continuing life without that loved one is so heavy, leaving the bereaved feeling distraught on what to do next. As humans, we have this natural yearning to honour our loved one who died. This is one of the main reasons why funeral services exist. There is more to funeral service than just a tradition that needs to be followed. Here are the reasons why funeral services are necessary and how it helps up cope up with grief.

Helps in Facing the Reality

Naturally, we don’t readily accept it when someone we love dies. It’s normal for the mind and heart to rebel against that sad fact that a person we love is already gone. One of the purposes of a funeral is to help the bereaved family face and accept the reality of death.

Acceptance is the first step towards healing from grief. The funeral is not the end of grief, it is only where the processing begins. For those who need help in planning meaningful funeral services Melbourne has some good funeral directors who could help you.

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Remembering the Deceased

One feature of a funeral is that it is made to remember the person who have passed away. In a funeral service, the family can share photos, tribute video, deliver a eulogy, songs and readings, and simply gathering together to recall the memories each one had with the deceased. Remembering those good memories help transition the relationship with the one who died into memory rather than their presence.

Supporting Each Other

In a funeral, the family and even friends of the deceased are gathered together in one place to honour the life of their loved one. Aside from sharing stories and good memories they have with the person who passed away, they could also help and support each other during this time of grief. It greatly helps the bereaved family when they get a listening ear, care and support at times when they needed it the most.

Helps Express Bottled Up Emotions

It is natural for us to feel emotions. However, there are times when we tend to suppress it rather than express how we feel actively. One of the most common suppressed emotions is sadness and grief. Some people who have lost someone tend to hideaway the weight of what they feel since they are not sure if someone cares around them.

In a funeral, everyone is free to express their emotions no matter how heavy it is. Expressing grief is an essential part of the healing process. Having someone who cares and who would offer a listening ear without judgment is already enough to make us feel safe in getting out http://judgmentall those emotions and thoughts out.

A funeral is more than just a tradition. It is actually the start of one’s journey from grief to acceptance that we still have to carry on even our loved one is already gone.

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